Do You Mastermind?

The concept of masterminding is old…and extremely valuable. At times I have not had people around me that I could mastermind with especially with my work hours…so what did I do? Well, I created a mastermind of people that were no longer with us. I picked famous people that I respected and liked and put them all around my mastermind table and then interacted with them just as if they were alive. It worked like a charm. Your subconscious mind is receptive to so many things that our conscious mind scoffs at.

Read what Napoleon Hill has to say about masterminds:

Truly Great Master Mind Alliances
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

One of the most outstanding master mind alliances you will ever read about was that which existed between Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford. It had its beginning in the kitchen of their home, in the days when Mr. Ford was experimenting with his first internal combustion engine. It was then that he found out the important part that a wife’s love and devotion play in her husband’s plans. She had a sincere interest in sustaining him through the trying period of inventing and perfecting a mechanical device in order to realize his purpose in life.

The mutual appreciation of each other, and the harmony that bound theme together in the months of patient effort required to make the engine run, were to last a lifetime. Although the world heard little of Mrs. Ford, who preferred to remain inconspicuous, those who know realize that she was largely responsible for the achievements of her famous husband. It was to her that he turned in moments of crisis, for her encouraging smile, her understanding admiration, her ever-fresh hope of achievement, the comfort and care that tided him over.

Their master mind alliance, based on the definiteness of purpose of two people who were willing to work in the spirit of harmony for the fulfillment of that purpose, is an inspiration to all who would achieve greatness. It is needless to elaborate on the tremendous power which grew out of this alliance, and brought into being one of the greatest industrial empires the world has ever seen. Power was generated in the minds of two humble people who knew what they wanted to do, who rendered service on the basis of going the extra mile, and who blended all their forces and concentrated their attention on their major purposes until success was achieved.

Thomas A. Edison used this master mind principle as the basis of his entire career. He did this to bridge the gaps in his own educational back ground by utilizing the special skills and knowledge of his associates. In this way he created the physical invention of his great laboratory. But there was another master mind alliance which was in reality far more important to him than those involving the use of physics, chemistry, and mechanics. That was the alliance with his wife. He had the good fortune to have a wife with a sympathetic understanding of his problems. She always backed him up completely in any undertaking. No matter how late at night Mr. Edison would come home from his laboratory, she was up and ready with a cheerful greeting and an eager anticipation for the recounting of the day’s activities.

Mrs. Edison’s confidence and faith in her husband’s ability and her sustaining love encouraged him over many tough spots and inspired him to carry on against what were sometimes almost overwhelming odds.

In these last two examples you have some very important hints. Perhaps the greatest alliance any man can ever make is with his wife. If you have complete singleness of purpose with the woman you marry, there is nothing in which you cannot succeed. If you lack this harmony in your home, you might as well face the fact that you have a few strikes against you. And this works both ways. Ladies, you must have the harmony and cooperation of your husband, to lighten the burden of your work in life. It must be a two-way arrangement.

Source: PMA Science of Success course. Educational Edition. Pgs. 66, 67, & 68.


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