Doing Your Income Taxes Can Actually Make You Prosperous

cutting_taxes_400_clr_8732 It’s that time of year when people are probably frantically scurrying around collecting this receipt and that receipt, hammering the calculator and wiping sweat from their brows……it’s almost April 15th – T day – Tax day in the US.

I know that folks usually dread this activity.  But, let’s look at another way to approach it. Wouldn’t you like to look forward to paying your taxes and preparing them? I know that if I had a choice between dreading and happily anticipating something, I’d pick the happy anticipation every time. I think most of you would too.

But many people have emotional reactions to doing and paying their taxes. Some feel remorse when they see how much money they have spent (despite, perhaps, New Year’s Resolutions to “do better”). Some are angry that they have to pay all that money back to the “government” and don’t know what it’s being used for. How about “It’s unfair that I should have to pay this or pay more than Mr. Jones”, or “I am barely making it so how can I afford to pay more – the government has more money than I do”.  There’s the infamous “Why” – “Why do I have to pay taxes? What does the government do for me?”

So we have anger, remorse, regret, fear (of losing that money), sometimes despair and desperation (it’s like taking the mask off and seeing that what your finances really are – the reality of that can be alarming especially if you have the Ostrich syndrome and only look at your financial situation this one time a year). Disappointment can be in there too if you have to pay out or if you’re not getting as much back as you thought. And I’ve only hit on the top level emotions – remember that what we create in our lives is created based on our vibrations and feelings.  Even if you’ve said “it doesn’t bother me”, if you’ve had discontent or issues with paying your taxes before then those emotions (and vibrations) are most likely still deep inside of you.

What to do? Approach paying your taxes in a completely different way.

Each time you pick up a receipt to log it, pay attention to how you felt when you purchased the item or service. If, for instance, you’re noting that you paid $1000.00 for a group of new outfits for a conference or event. Take a moment and close your eyes. Think back to when you were shopping if that’s an enjoyable activity for you (it’s not for me) – think of the fun you had trying on different clothes and moving around in front of the mirror seeing how great you looked. Enjoy (again) the fun you had deciding which outfits to pick.   Then, think about when you wore the outfits, how great you looked, how they made you feel, how much you connected with others at the event you went to, what great things came out of it. Actually feel those emotions. Smile, feel the pleasure you had. For me, it’s running outfits and gear. Not only do I have fun picking out the gear and imagining what I will be using it for but then when I’m packing to go on a trip for a run, I have fun again imagining what it’s going to be like either wearing or using it. Then, there’s the best part – actually using it. But, often that’s a letdown because I’ve built it up so much… ha ha.

BUT, my point is that you can re-experience all these fine and fun feelings while you’re holding those receipts in your hand.  Be thankful you can call up those feelings and memories at any point and feel happy. This is how you move your vibrations up to a much better feeling place. When you get your vibrations raised like that, the Universe brings you more of what you’re thinking about and in this case it will be great things, not more despair, regret and remorse.

However, you can multiple these feelings even more by adding another thought and feeling into this. Think about how much you are and have been supporting other people who are working hard (maybe even harder than you). You helped them when you purchased those items and you’re helping them now because despite what you think and hear, there is benefit from paying your taxes and these benefits do help PEOPLE, not THINGS. If nothing else, you’re helping pay the salary of the people who work at the IRS or those who are helping you, perhaps, put your taxes together. Even if you use a software program like “Turbotax”, someone created it and does customer service and works on improving it etc. And so you are helping pay their salaries and helping them support their families.

Always look at the PEOPLE on the receiving end. Don’t think of it as “The Government” – that is too impersonal. Think of the various types of people that are involved in reviewing the documents you send in, then processing and distributing the funds to various projects etc. You are HELPING PEOPLE.

But what if you had medical problems and had to pay big money as well as go through the “not so good” feelings of being sick or having a relative be sick. I would imagine there are some good things that came out of that experience. Plus, remember all the PEOPLE that you “helped” pay their salaries (maybe buying diapers and formula or first grade clothes for their kids). Also, think of the intangible things that might have happened. Did people come out of the woodwork supporting you and showing you that you weren’t alone? What good came out of the experience even if it felt like tragedy. There is always good, we just have to look harder sometimes.

Between reliving the happiness you’ve experienced in the past year and realizing you’re helping so many people, you should be able to actually enjoy this process. With a raised vibration, there will be more prosperity coming to you! Watch and see. I once got a check from the IRS over a year later telling me that I had overpaid on my taxes and received $4000 back from them.

Now, get to work and record your feelings and emotions as you go along….or do it at the end of the day. Why? You’re too busy to do that, you say. You can read this back later when your vibrations are a little lower than you want and reading these emotions and experiences will lift your vibrations back up to where they will be emanating joy and happiness to the Universe.

Try it! I think you’ll like it. Let us know by commenting below.




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