Don’t Audit Life….

Here’s a great thought – “Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of NOW.”

Does this hit home for you? I hope it does. I know that for me it certainly does. For example, this week I’ve been sick and even missed work for 3 days – highly unusual for me.

What did it teach me? It taught me to look at where I am right now, what I’m doing and what it all means. I think I had been pushing too hard at work and not enough about life.  After all I am not WORK, I am so much more. And so are you.

Do you just hang out hoping that things will change? I did. For the longest time it was always ‘when I lose weight.’ or “When I x, y, z, then I’ll do a, b, c”.  That is not living. That is existing and “auditing” life.

You have to invest yourself fully in life. Not just sit around and watch others live life.

Make a list of what you enjoy, what gives you pleasure and what would give you pleasure in your everyday existence. I bet that some of these things have to do with helping others or making others feel happier.  What if you just stopped someone and made them laugh or say thank you for something they’ve done – even if it’s part of their job.

Do you come home feeling satisfied? Do you enjoy what you do during the day? I know my day starts out with me and my dog and I love it when she talks to me. But then the real joy in my day starts when I go through the gate on the Army Post. The gate guards are terrific and I always try to make them smile and laugh – it’s either really cold or really hot out there (remember I’m in Texas) and these guys (and some gals) have to stand their for 8-12 hours doing the very same thing over and over again (checking ID cards and saying “welcome to Ft ….”). What can you do for someone like that?

What about your coworkers – what can you do to brighten up their day and make their jobs even more meaningful? Do you really look at their faces? Do they seem happy? Do they seem sad? What can you do to help them through their day? Can you reach out to them in some way?

Stop auditing what you’re doing and start participating!!!!

Let us know what’s happening.


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