Don’t Doubt The Universe

I learned a very important lesson this morning. I’ve started swimming again (yeah!) and have been using Anne’s famous affirmation (adopted to swimming) “There is always a swimming lane available for me”. Now I’ve only been using this for about a week so I thought “well I hope this has had time to take efffect” as I drove to the gym a bit later than I wanted this a.m.

As I walked through the pool area to the locker room, my heart sunk. All the lanes were full. “Nuts, I guess my affirmation didn’t work” I thought as I continued to go change anyway.

When I walked back out to the pool area, you cannot even imagine my surprise  when I found that not only was there now an open lane but it was also the one I wanted! How cool is that?

The reason I had specified the lane was because I knew at 8:30 they had water aerobics and they made people move from the first few lanes and this a.m. I had said “I will have the far lane” as I drove there (actually I started when I was still in bed). And that’s the one that got freed up while I was simply taking off my shorts and sweatshirt.

Don’t ever doubt or second guess the Universe!

Once you have decided what you want and put it out there, it is yours as long as you keep your faith on the straight and narrow path and do not deviate!

Enjoy your day. I know I’m ecstatic that our new site is working!


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