Don’t Revert to Worry Just Because You Think “It Doesn’t Work”

s332Frequently people give up too soon when they are trying to get what they have asked for. For some reason, people have decided when “long enough” is actually long enough. They have nothing to base that opinion on when it comes to manifestation and subsequent materialization. But despite that fact they still make their own decisions. We have talked about the Law of Gestation and how the Universe has its own time frames for delivering what you’ve asked for. However, I think it’s that we are so used to instant gratification and simply “expect” special delivery for everything.

This goes along with our recent discussion about not outlining or not telling the Universe HOW it should deliver what you’ve asked for. Same thing applies to telling the Universe WHEN it should be delivered to your doorstep. Determining WHEN you need it is also considered outlining.

Unfortunately when people stop believing something is going to come to them because it hasn’t arrived yet, they revert to thinking about the lack and absence of it – right back to where they were before they chose to believe it could actually happen. At that point, the concentration on not having received it yet puts you back into a position of low vibration – that of lack. This happens because you’re now thinking “I’ll never get this. I knew I wasn’t good enough or didn’t deserve it. The Law of Attraction may work for everyone else but not for me.”

What’s happened in that sentence (thought/feeling of disappointment and discouragement) is that you’ve begun to focus on the lack in worry2your life – again. So, you’re back to where you were to begin with but maybe a bit lower because you had some hope and then it seems as if the rug was pulled out from under your feet.

So what the heck should you do? Tell yourself that you were trying to beat the Law of Gestation and do a form of outlining (by adding the WHEN to the request). Realize that you have no business making those specific demands. Just believe that it will be delivered when it’s supposed to be delivered and it WILL be at the right time. Even though  you think you have a specific deadline, let’s say, to receive a certain amount of money, let that go and realize that if you’ve asked for the correct thing, you will have it in the right time frame. You may need to re-examine the way you’re asking for something. Maybe you won’t say “I want $5000.00 by 1 October 20xx”. Would this be as accurate but give more latitude to the Universe?: “I will have the mortgage payment taken care this month and every month”.  This allows the Universe find someone (or some way) to provide you who will pay the mortgage for you. Or maybe someone who will take care of other bills you have, providing you with your own money that could pay the mortgage. Perhaps you might get a great offer for refinancing your house. It is always possible that your mortgage company will allow you to take a month off for the payment. Anything is possible with the Universe if you just allow it to work. You are NOT in charge of the How or the When, just the What…and then you have be willing to accept whatever you’re brought knowing that it is part of your materialization even if it looks strange and doesn’t seem to “fit in with” your idea of how things should be. Remember that your view is limited. You only use a very small portion of your brain power so how could we possibly know the best way that the Universe should operate.

So, the silly song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is actually true. Don’t worry and don’t revert to the negativity or lack that you were mired in before you thought you’d try to change. Stay positive and remember that there are more governing rules in our lives than just the Law of Attraction. When something doesn’t seem to be working, there may be more to the story than you realize.

If you’ve had this experience or are having it right now, talk about it in the comment box and we’ll see if we can help.


Have faith in the Universe

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