Don’t Tell Anyone About Your Goals…

How are things going with your 2012 Achievement List?

I’ll be having a few pointers for you as the weeks go by so drop back here to check on the latest tip.

It’s important that you keep your goals to yourself.

Although this may be contrary to what you hear from everyone about needing a support system to help you, think about that statement. That may be good for your New Year’s Resolutions (you know I don’t like that phrase) like going to the gym or quitting drinking or maybe for losing weight but all you have to do is look at your past and see how well that has worked for you. How often in your life have you kept your resolutions. I look at a “resolution” as something you want to change in your life (I actually look at it as something you feel you ‘have’ to change). But is it always a goal? No. Sometimes it might be but not always.

Why do I want you to keep your goals to yourself? Because the last thing you need is to have someone derail you, whether consciously or subconsciously. People will do that but if they don’t think your goals are “right”, they aren’t going to be supportive. Why might they not think your goals are “right” and may actually sabotage your efforts?

  • They are envious of you having a goal
  • They don’t think you can achieve it and are “trying to save you” from the “eventual failure”
  • They are afraid that if you achieve your goal, you’ll outgrow them and have no need for them
  • They are afraid that the effort you’ll have to put into achieving your goals will take time and attention away from them
  • They don’t want you to succeed for any number of other reasons
  • etc….

So, keep your goals to yourself or to someone you totally trust and evaluate that person’s personality, history and attitude even more before you confide in them.

Keep on Achieving!


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