Don’t Watch Your Life Pass You By

Are you trying to get somewhere in life? Would you like to change your direction and go where YOU want to go? I know I want to be in control of where I’m going and what I’m doing in life. I imagine you are like that too. But, perhaps you’ve tried so many times before and you just feel as if you’re stuck on the busy highway that life has you on and you just can’t get off that highway or even make a turn down another street.

Perhaps you’ve seen “The Secret” and “tried” it for awhile. But “it” didn’t work.

I’m not sure what you think didn’t work but usually it’s people thinking that the Law of Attraction didn’t work.  I have breaking news for you though. The Law of Attraction is just that – it’s a Law – it’s always working. The Laws of the Universe are not like the human laws we have (and break constantly thinking they are there for other people or for when you have more time). Think about the Law of Gravity for example – can you ever think of a time where you told something you let go out of your hand not to drop to the floor – and had it work? You may wish as you see things falling that it wasn’t doing that but inevitably we see the object on the floor (or counter or wherever it landed). No matter what you do, the Law of Gravity works. Half the time we don’t pay attention to the fact that it’s a Law and we don’t think about whether it’s working or not. We KNOW it’s working so we’re careful about holding onto things so they don’t drop.

Why do you think the Law of Attraction is different? Because we didn’t learn about it in school or in Physics or some other class when we were growing up? Why? Because we don’t want to admit that we have attracted ALL situations we’ve experienced in our lives? That’s kind of uncomfortable for us now. But what if we had been taught this as children? Perhaps we would have been able to learn to work with the Law and it would not seem so foreign now as adults. If you have children, consider exposing them to this Law and how it works while they are young – they will embrace it alot more too.

Why is it so hard to understand and believe in the Law of Attraction? I think it’s because we do not want to acknowledge and admit that we’ve created many of the situations and events that have developed in our lives. It’s much easier to just go on and say that it was “fate” or “it was meant to be” or it was “because…… (and you can fill in the blanks)”.  If something bad has happened, it’s very hard to tell the world that we brought that horrible thing into our lives. Who wants to brag about that…welll perhaps those who are into “drama” and “pity parties” – but they don’t even realize that they are looking for people to attend their pity party and they want the best entertainment of all – “my story is worse than your story. You can’t top what’s happened to me” – do you know anyone like that. How can you have a pity party if you’ve created terrific things in your life? You can’t. So you draw in the bad things so you can hold your party and celebrate and say “see, I just have this black cloud over my head.” Does this ring any bells?

Many people want to own up to and acknowledge the good things and take credit for bringing the good things into our lives but you know what? If you’re willing to accept that you created the great things in your life, you HAVE to accept (and admit) that you brought the  other things into your life – those not so good things – the things you don’t want to brag about.  You can’t have one without the other.

Bottom line – you attract what you focus on.

Take a minute and think about what you are concentrating on the most during your day. Then identify the emotions associated with those thoughts. It’s the emotions that are key to everything! You must be in vibrational sync with the things you want.

You can’t be saying “I am a millionaire” and expect it to work when

  • Most of the rest of the time you’re worried about (or thinking about) paying the bills
  • You can’t even conceive of having a million dollars because you only make $30,000 a year now
  • You have a belief that “Rich people are not trustworthy or are greedy or are snobs etc” – what are your beliefs about rich people or about millionaires.

So we have a few issues here that get in the way of creating the life we want:

  • What you’re focused on all the time – we have to pay attention to this and get vibrationally (and emotionally) into the space of thinking about what you really want
  • What you can conceive of – similar to what you’re focused on
  • Your beliefs are getting in the way and you don’t even know about it

It’s easier to work through the emotions and the feelings part of focusing than it is to get at all the beliefs we have that are buried and need to be cleared before we move along and plant/nurture the empowering beliefs.

Your beliefs are like your computer’s operating system and they make you tick without any conscious effort. Right now pay attention to your breathing – it’s weird isn’t it? You breathe all the time without conscious effort -even when you’re exerting yourself your breathing increases as your body needs it to, not because you’ve decided to breathe faster or harder. Same goes with your heart beating – if your heart had to wait for you to consciously tell it to beat, you’d be in deep trouble. That’s kind of like the Law of Attraction. It’s working whether you know it or not. I don’t know if you have ever been exposed to biofeedback or not but that is a technique that enables you to control your basic body system functions – breathing, heart rate, blood pressure. It takes a lot of effort and conscious effort at that. But you can work with your body functions just like you can work with the Law of Attractions.

I want to keep focusing on limiting beliefs and transforming them into empowering beliefs. So hang in there with me and we’ll do the work as we go along.  The first task will be to identify those beliefs and decide whether you want to continue to believe them.





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One thought on “Don’t Watch Your Life Pass You By

  1. I truly love what you have wrote. For people who have been programed with negativity their whole life this is a bit challenging. But with practice and belief the world is their oyester 🙂