Happy Easter everyone.

I thought I would put up an excerpt from Anne’s discussion on The Law of Forgiveness when we did Working With The Law. It’s very meaningful to me and hopefully will help you too.

“Easter and Forgiveness. I believe when Jesus said on the Cross, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do,” that at that moment he was in a high state of exultation. He realized he had created what these people were doing.

He expected to be killed in order to be remembered. That was his job. That is what he came here for. He also didn’t want the people who were jabbing him with the spear and placing the crown of thorns on his head to get a karmic feedback.

What he meant was, “Father, I created this for myself so that this situation would come to pass. Let go of what they are doing. Don’t make it a karmic debt so they don’t have to pay again for what I created.”

Think of the people the people you thought hurt you and what you carried around with you for so long. You need to say, “God, I set that up. I did it. I was fearful, so I created this situation. I expected pain and suffering so I created somebody to bring it to me. How could I do that to myself?” We had some mistakes in our thought processes. We thought that was normal.

It’s not normal to cause hurt to yourself or to others. It is not normal to cause suffering either to yourself or others.

I believe the ultimate goal is learning how to try to out give God. We need to be kind to people. We need to be happy and loving. We need to have good relationships. We can have all of the things we have been searching for and maybe thought were impossible. They’re not impossible.

We need to practice what we want to be in order to become what we want to be. We need to let go of the pain we set up for ourselves to get rid of fears and anxieties of what people might do to us. If we don’t expect it, it can’t be done.

Our understanding is in the process of changing. We don’t have anger, hostility and fear in our lives. We don’t have to explain to other people how they need to behave.

We set boundaries for people who don’t know or have fears or don’t expect people to be kind. We set boundaries so that we stop any of those fears. We don’t want to let those fears attach themselves to us. That is our responsibility.

We do that by saying, “I do not choose to have that in my life. I do not choose to react out of the past. I do not choose to experience hurt feelings, pain or suffering. Therefore I will not attract people in my life who think it is okay to hurt others.”

This is a whole new step for us to be able to live in this kind of life without blame, guilt, fears or anxieties. We want to live a life without thoughts that we need to repent or give up and let go and forgive.”


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