Embracing Change

embracing change2“We cannot change anything until we embrace it” ~Carl Jung

This concept is so important. Remember “What you resist, persists”. So when you feel yourself fighting hard against something, just know that you’ll have that something in your life — and will also attract more of the same into that life. Do you want more of that?

In order to keep moving along in life though, things should change. Change means that you can grow and evolve. You don’t really want to stay in one place in your growth or you’ll miss out on a tremendous amount of fun and probably abundance too.

The military is a great place to learn to experience change. Unfortunately I didn’t really learn until last year how to embrace all those changes. I was the type to resist the changes. I would put all the energy I could muster into figuring out why that idea (that involved changing things) would NOT work, instead of raising my vibrations to focus on the solution and discover how the other person’s ideas could probably work if we all just put some work into it. What a tremendous amount of time and energy I wasted all my life. But I think the reason for my resistance was that the idea for change was not mine and so I felt inferior or something. It was hard for me to admit that another person could have an idea. I felt I was inferior if I didn’t have that idea. And since I didn’t want to feel inferior, I fought back – with resistance. How foolish and young of me. Of course I got better at accepting change as the 30 years in the Navy went by but I don’t know that I ever embraced it.

But last year, when the best boss I’ve ever had in my career arrived and I watched her with all of us, I truly did embrace the changes she made – and boy, were there a  lot of them. You know what, though? They were all good, if not great. I learned more from her than I have ever learned from any boss in all my years of working. And I think it was easier to learn those things because I finally did embrace the change. Every week I knew there would be something new and although that meant more work, I actually looked forward to those changes. I knew I would have to alter my outlook and attitude each week and that became a fun challenge. One I saw the great benefits from.

Ways to help you embrace change include anything that will help you relax such as meditation or EFT. Deep breathing is a part of meditation but can also be used separately if you don’t have time or experience to do full blown meditation. Once you’ve relaxed, you’re less likely to put up resistance. Keep this in mind and take some time when you find yourself resisting some change that’s coming into your life. I know that as we have another new boss whose style is totally different than last year’s, I will be doing a great deal of relaxation techniques to just allow the changes to happen and to welcome them into my life to see what gifts they bring even if they aren’t visible right now.

Do you embrace change? Do you resist change? What have you noticed when you’ve done either the embracing or the resisting?


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