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These past two weeks I’ve been talking about “The Art of Making Things Happen”. Of course I want you to go over and take a look and see what it is you’ll be missing out on but I also want to give you information and examples of how learning How to Make Things Happen will dramatically change your life.

More Emmet Fox of course. What he is trying to tell you is that you have to take action. Things won’t happen from outside you. You have to make the changes inside.

Remember what we’ve said about how there is that energy out there surrounding you. It’s just waiting for you to place your order for what you want. You don’t just go into a store and say “I want a car”.

First, you have to decide which car dealer you want to go to. Then you have to tell the sales person what details you want. The Universe is the same. That energy surrounding you is just waiting for you to tell it what you want!

No Waiting

by Emmet Fox

Don’t wait about for God to act dramatically- because He won’t. If you want anything to happen, you must bring about a change in your own mental outlook, whereupon your outer experience will automatically change to correspond. When people expect a dramatic miracle from the outside, they are really hoping to change conditions without changing themselves- to get something for nothing, in fact, and that would be a violation of Cosmic Law.

Don’t wait for God to tell you what to do from the outside-He won’t. People have said to me, ‘Well, I am ready. Whatever God wants me to do, I am ready. If He wants me to go to California, or to Europe, or to start any work for Him, I am ready.’

Such people, I have noticed, are apt to go on ‘being ready’ indefinitely without anything ever happening. The fact is that they are waiting for a dramatic experience such as came to Moses on Sinai, and to Paul on the road to Damascus. Or probably they expect a Western Union boy to arrive with a telegram of instructions from heaven. None of these things will happen.

If you are really ‘ready to do God’s work,’ you will have a clear idea of what you are going to do and how you propose to go about doing it, and probably you will know approximately where you are going to do it too. This is being ready. If you do not have any definite desire or plan, then you are not ‘ready’; so don’t deceive yourself but get ready by treating for guidance. Treat for guidance, inspiration, wisdom, and right activity, until you have a clear, vivid, and whole-hearted enthusiasm for a definite plan. Then you will really be ready to do the Lord’s work, and if you vitalize your plan with unceasing treatment, nothing can prevent your success.

So what are you waiting for. Discover the various techniques and powerful words you need in “The Art of Making Things Happen”!

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