Emmet Fox – "The Mills of God"

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Here, though is another significant Emmet Fox story

The Mills of God

by Emmet Fox

Another basic error that misleads many people is this – they think of God and man in terms only of the moment, or, at most, of a few years. They want to see everything squared up and settled within a year or two and because this does not happen, they decide that there is no justice in the universe, no law and order, and they wonder why God does not step in and do something about it.

Now, you are going to live forever – somewhere. You are going to live, not for century or a thousand centuries but forever. And so you will see that a year or two, or twenty or thirty years, is a very short time in which to look for permanent results. The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly small. The gardener does not say that there is no law in nature because his crop does not come up a week after he sows it. We do not say that the railroad has broken down because the train is not in Chicago half an hour after it leaves New York, but we are
often tempted to think that there is no law of justice and righteousness because we do not see the results of people’s good or evil deeds very soon after they happen.

Whatsoever a man soweth, says the Bible, that shall he also reap. This reaping takes time. If it seems to you that in your own life you have not received your desserts, the answer is that the end is not yet. God is never mocked, and sooner or later every prayer is answered. Every good thought, or word, or deed produces its fruit of happiness and spiritual advancement, and of course every negative thing for which we are also responsible will have to be met and overcome also. Nature always takes her time, and to understand her you must take the long view too.’

Next time we wonder why our affirmations haven’t worked or we haven’t received any ‘good’ following our doing good, re-read this and realize the mills of God are grinding and great things will happen.

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