Emotions Are Your "Go-Power"


Another secret of financial independence (after we decide we won’t settle for less than the best in life) is the law of concentration and conservation. Conservation of thought, energy and emotional drive are all greatly needed for financial independence.

You have, I’m sure, seen people who seem to prosper for a period.   Their business may even be booming. But suddenly the bottom drops out and they experience dire failure, from which they seem unable to recover. In almost every instance, if you look closely, you will discover that those people’s emotions, attitudes and way of life became scattered, thus depleting them of their previous fine ability to prosper.

Most business activities prosper as long as their personal lives succeed. But when marital difficulties arise, their businesses go on the rocks, too.

 We are all creatures of emotion and deep feeling. Our deep feeling can “make or break us” financially. They are your God-power and your go-Power. Guard them closely because your emotions are the richest gold mind you will ever own. Scattered thinking, scattered emotions, scattered actions lead to a scattering of your mind power. This, in turn depletes your physical energy that is essential for prosperity; it depletes your brain energy that is needed for an intelligent course of action or plan for prosperity; it saps your emotional drive that is needed to put your prosperity plans to work.


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