FAQ: Developing Your Power

Question: If these abilities ( intuitive, psychic, understanding) run in families how would someone develop them?

A. I believe everyone is capable of developing many different areas of “knowing”. It helps to have a teacher, but anyone who attends a New Thought Church will be taking the first steps.

1. First and most important is to remove negative beliefs. This is important because what you are will project into what you see and feel. Example – If you have fears of any kind they will become a part of what you are expecting and so you will see negative fears in your mind. What you see or feel is based on what you are NOW attracting. The very moment you change your beliefs, you also change your future.

2. Learn to still your mind through meditation and practice

3. When you mind is still and relaxed, ask one question that will accept a yes or no answer.

4. Identify what you are feeling.

5. Your feeling will be your answer at first.

6. The more you practice the sooner you will understand the meanings.

7. Very few people actually hear words spoken. Most of us identify with the feelings and pictures that begin to come in.

At first you will feel as if you are making it up. Just keep a record and you will soon see you are accurate on most of your answers.

And remember, practice makes perfect.


Terrie & Anne

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2 thoughts on “FAQ: Developing Your Power

  1. I am curious to know your thoughts on the follow up film to The Secret, "How Thoughts Become Things." Is the Law of Attraction or Neuroscience really responsible for all the consequences in my life. seems pretty bold, considering we don’t even really know what the Law of Attraction is. Or is it simply my life is a result of real life efforts following the thoughts that I really value as worthwhile. A little confused about this?

  2. Great question Dan – I really believe that you are what you THOUGHT – when I began to look at my life and the not-so-great things that happened in it, I could definitely see how I created them – and amazingly I can see how I created every single aspect of my life – many of which I’m not so proud of our happy about.

    If you believe as I do that we are surrounded by an energy which we can call "God", "the Universe", "vibration", "Higher Power" or whatever, and you believe that the substance, the energy is molded by what we put out to it, then we have to see that the good and the not-so-good (I won’t say "bad" because I don’t really believe anything is bad in the long run) are created by our thoughts, words, feelings AND subsequent actions.

    This is hard to wrap your mind around initially but it really is true. It takes some deep introspection though to figure out what the belief systems are that have governed your life to this point.

    good luck and thanks for posting your question – it’s really obvious you want to understand and I commend you for it.