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What the heck is FAVE?





So what does all that mean?

It means that we are vibrational beings and that we attract to us that which has similar vibrations to what we are experiencing. That is the essence of the Law of Attraction – which is ALWAYS working no matter what you say. Many people only celebrate the Law of Attraction when something happens in their life that they are happy about. But the Law of Attraction has worked all your life no matter what has come into it. One of the first things we’ll do in FAVE is to look at that concept and claim responsibility for everything we’ve created – even if we didn’t know we were creating it.

Then I’m going to show you and guide you into becoming a deliberate creator – you CAN be/do/have anything you want in life! And I’m going to help you begin your journey there.

It’s actually fairly simple but you need help. A belief (which is really what rules us) is just a pattern of thought – a thought you’ve repeated over and over again – it’s NOT the Gospel, it’s not the truth. Science has proven that over  and over again. After all Christopher Columbus proved it a very long time ago – people believed that the earth was flat. But it isn’t and now we know that that belief was wrong. People changed their beliefs after he proved that it wasn’t flat.

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