Free Yourself of Criticism

Free Yourself of Criticism

There is plenty of room at the top of any profession or line of work IF you are daring enough to free yourself from the usual thoughts – bickering, jealousies and petty criticisms.

If you find yourself starting to participate in this, simply say to yourself “There is no criticism in me, for me or against me. Divine Harmony now reigns supreme in my life”. This will also protect you from any negative thoughts from others. It also helps when you give them your blessings and good thoughts – this helps turn their attitudes around without them even knowing it.

You have to be constructive in order to be successful. And you have to surround yourself with others who are successful too. You won’t see successful companies bickering and fighting. Do you think they have people at Apple or Microsoft that constantly sit there and say (or think) “that won’t work -that’s a really stupid idea”. Heck no. I think Apple is probably an exceptional company to model after no matter the size of yours. They couldn’t have come up with all those ideas if they weren’t a group of open-minded, enthusiastic and constructive people who feed off one-another.

Take a look in your life – do you find yourself criticizing? Don’t think that it doesn’t matter if it’s the news or some political figure that you’re criticizing – the effect on YOUR life will be the same. Criticism (not the constructive pointing out to people or children you are responsible for teaching) is negative and by being negative it “negates” the good you’re looking for and working so hard to produce in other areas of your life.

As I write this, I think of the many times during the day that I mutter discontent at the product I receive from other people far away – we review cases that are sent to us by various hospitals. And they are supposed to follow guidelines and checklists to ensure that we have all the info needed. Well, it seems that every other case is missing something. And I realize that my “nuts, why can’t they ever get it right” is destroying all the other good I’m trying to bring about in my life. So, Monday – I will start anew and just say that I know they are sending me a perfectly compiled case and they are happy with what they do. And of course I will start it with “there is no criticism in me, for me or against me”. It’s great to have revelations like this as I try to help you!


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