Get an Emotional Hostage Negotiator – A Coach!

coachingSo often we find ourselves just spinning our wheels. We get into a rut and can’t seem to get out of it. What’s happening in these situations? Why do we seem to spiral downward?

We’ve become an emotional hostage – our emotions are keeping us stuck. For those of you who are old enough to remember, it’s like a record player and the needle getting stuck in the same groove and playing the same section over and over again. The needle moves a tiny bit but then skips right back to the place it started. For those of you who are not that old, maybe you remember the movie “Groundhog Day”. Being an emotional hostage is similar to that. Repeating the same events, the same feelings and thus the same vibrations over and over again without any hope of change.

We don’t want to be stuck and when we get out of that groove we surely don’t want to repeat it but it’s as if we started playing the record again from the beginning – it skips again. If you put yourself in the same or similar circumstances with the same emotional tools as you’ve had all along, all your brain knows is to repeat history. And it’s very good at repeating history – that’s called “habit”. Before you know it, you’ve reacted the same way as you did before , whether it was last week, last month or yesterday. It takes the path of least resistance (and least effort). Unfortunately, that most often leads us right back to that rut again.

So how do you break out of this hostage situation. Think about it. If you don’t make any changes, you are a hostage to your emotions. They have reacted before you’re even aware of it. You don’t want that but you’re not sure how to prevent it since it just “seems to happen”.

You can try Abraham’s processes on your own and be pretty successful but you’ll be more successful if you get yourself a “coach” (a Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Personal Coach – whatever type of coach meets your needs). Often times, it’s just the accountability factor that makes this work but when you really are an emotional hostage, your coach will help you spot these areas and your responses and guide you to creating different methods of response – preceded by thinking about where you really want to be. A primary advantage of using a coach is the speed with which you can make the changes. You don’t have to flounder around on your own, trying this and trying that.

Consider talking to me about Law of Attraction coaching. If you’re interested, you can either comment in the comment box or contact me using the contact form. I am a certified Law of Attraction Coach and have been practicing/teaching the Universal Laws of Metphysics for over 25 years.


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