Give Others The Thought Of Increase

More from yesterday’s topic of increase.

You should convey the impression of increase with everything you do, so that all people will receive that rich impression. Whether writing, telephoning, thinking about meeting others, give your family, social acquaintances, business acquaintances, friends, world leaders – everyone – the thought of increased good.

When speaking of someone, speak in terms of their success only. If you know of someone who has been making a comeback from past mistakes, contribute to making his unfolding success by ignoring his past and emphasizing only his present good. Not only will you add to his increased good but you can be assured the skeletons on your own closet will be rattled less. I don’t know about you but this might be the most difficult thing for me to do especially if there is just that one person that gets “on your nerves”. But I have to continue to remind myself of this!

Give Yourself Thought of Increase

Give yourself an equal thought of increase. You can do it just by feeling that you are becoming more successful and that you are helping others to do so too. Every act, tone and look should express a quiet, rich assurance of success. You don’t need words of success to convince others of that success. You’ll get that feeling of richness implanted in your mind. It then radiates from you and subconsciously communicated to others. You’ll find that everyone will want to be associated with you. They will be able to sense your successful vibrations.

As you work quietly to get that feeling of richness, success and prosperity you’ll draw to you prosperity minded people you’ve never even seen before – people who will become your customers, business associates and friends. You will be surrounded by an atmosphere of increase. Also as you give the thought of increase to others, they are automatically attracted to you.

Try to invoke the law of increase in every way – large and small. A woman helped her husband out of financial doldrums but saying to him every day when he returned home from work “Now, tell me every GOOD thing that happened today.” They were both surprised to see how much good came to pass and how much they had to be thankful for.

This is also where daily use of the Gratitude Journal is so important. Do you have your copy of the Gratitude Journal?


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