Good Friday

Not to be sacreligious but to me every Friday is a Good Friday. But, seriously, what does Good Friday mean to you. Remember that in New Thought many of our limiting beliefs come from our religious teachings especially those thrust upon us as children. Take time this weekend to examine what beliefs you still have inside that may be influencing your success (in a positive or a negative way – obviously you want to cultivate the positive ones).

I look at Easter as the “Christ within” rising up and by that I mean that the joy, love, gratitude and power within me raises up and comes forth – it is no longer hidden deep within where it can’t do any good. All these energies and vibrations must be expressed to do good and to multiply. Easter is an “explosion” of sorts for me – more and more of the good and powerful qualities God has instilled in me will burst forth.

What does Good Friday and Easter mean to you? Comment below!

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