Have You Ever Really Counted Your Blessings?

count your blessings  You always hear the phrase “count your blessings”. But have you ever really sat down and counted them? I did just that this morning. It’s Thanksgiving in the United States and I have so much to be grateful for. So, I set my phone alarm for 5 minutes and started writing my blessings. I was using the computer so I didn’t get as many down as if I had just scribbled with pen and paper but I still listed 61 items in just 5 minutes.

Can you imagine what your life would look like and how it would change to you if you took 5 minutes EVERY DAY to list what you’re grateful for? They can be big or small. No one is grading your papers  – the Universe is just happy you’re doing your “homework” so to speak.

Your perspective on your life will change dramatically if you start doing this. Remember that little quip I wrote about the other day where I almost walked out of the hospital without my phone. That’s one tiny thing in the grand scheme of world politics but it’s something I’m extremely grateful for. Small scale gratitude by a lot of people can add up to a very large impact in the world. You really can do your part. But even if you’re not in the mood to try to save the world (or thing it’s baloney), it will change your life. Gratitude is the most powerful force there is and the more you use it, the more blessings will come into your life.

Pay more attention to what’s going on in your life by remembering to use gratitude. Check things off mentally. When you just make it through a green (or yellow) light, remember that event so that you can write it in your gratitude journal. When you get in a short line at the store, put that on a list to record as a gratitude. There are so many little things to be grateful for.

I am so grateful to the folks that have signed up and begun my “Eat, Drink & Be Really Merry This Holiday Season” course – we’re learning how to get through the holidays with love, gratitude and celebration – eliminating guilt, deprivation and indecision. You can enjoy your holiday food without gaining any weight and perhaps even starting to lose some. If you’re interested and want to join us this coming Sunday for class #2 (or want to be in the class but can’t make it [there are replays]) just send me an email through the contact page or even put it in the comments and I’ll contact you.

Take 5 minutes today and just write continuously the things you’re grateful for – you can always start with the fact that you woke up and that you are able to read this post (meaning you have internet access and eyesight) and that you can write (meaning you’re not paralyzed or have incapacitating pain in your hand/arm etc – you get the idea).

I am grateful for all of you and the fact that you are in my life! Please stay healthy and happy. Increase your happiness using this 5 minute technique. Remember that you can get the Gratitude Journal and use that too if you want.

Be safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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