Honoring Chuck Oliver – Day #10 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

One of the really fun parts about this “Top 30” process is that most of the people I write about don’t have a clue that I’m talking about them. Some never find out and others find out later – days or weeks perhaps. But I’m not writing so that they know. I want the world to know what they have meant to me. Yes, it would be nice if they knew how much they have influenced my life but I try to thank them in person when I see them (if I know them).

What made me think of that is the guy I’m honoring today. He’s my “roommate” at work (I guess it’s more politically correct to call him an “office mate” but “roommate” is so much more fun. And anything we can do at work to make it more fun is terrific (speaking of which, if you don’t think work is fun and you want to get away from your desk on time register for my Free teleseminar titled “Get Out Of The Office and Get A Life” this Thursday – sorry for the shameless plug but it really is relevant).

Chuck is the first guy I met when I got to my new job here in San Antonio 9 years ago. Although I didn’t actually greet him first I met him first. “What?” you’re probably asking. I remember walking up the steps to our building and turning around and seeing this big wonderful smile across the lawn welcoming me! That was Chuck. And things just got better from there.

He’s a brilliant man who can do anything and will do anything you need or want him to do. He doesn’t like people to know this but he’s just a big teddy bear and inside he’s an extremely caring person.

But what I admire and respect most about Chuck is his ability to see the big picture and respond in a much more politically correct and tactful manner than I do (of course that doesn’t take much – I think my dog is more politically correct and tactful than me). But in doing this he’s definitely NOT a pansy. He knows how to debate and turn any argument around into what it needs to be in order for everyone to eventually see the point (usually his of course 🙂 ).

He gave me this book, The Fred Factor and although he thinks I didn’t read it, I did and loved it. I encourage everyone to read it. It could change our world if everyone read it and abided by it.

But I digress….as usual.

Chuck has been the mainstay of our organization for at least the 9 years I’ve been there. He and I act like brother and sister frequently – yelling at each other (although I do all the yelling) and then 5 minutes later – or the next day – everything is back to normal and we’re good friends.  I have such respect for him that I can’t stand being mad at him for very long and now I even feel bad when that has occurred – never thought that would ever happen with anyone…LOL

He takes such good care of me, helping me out when I need extra support or actual work done even though he’s swamped. He’s always at work late and always there on the weekends – the ironic part is that he helped me get out of that mode in the past two years but I don’t seem to be able to have a similar effect on him unfortunately.

He’s always been there when I need a ride or when I’ve had a medical issue.

He’s invaluable as an employee but more importantly as a person. He’s a genius (I already said that), he’s compassionate and caring AND he’s passionate. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before although it does apply to everyone I’ve mentioned in my Top 30 list so far. But Chuck’s passion is slick – he’s able to be passionate without being emotionally invested in the subject – and I truly admire that. For I am emotionally invested in most everything and that’s where I derive my passion from. So see, we’re actually like night and day but the one thing we really do have in common is that we have excellent work ethic and that comes from our military medical backgrounds. We think of the organization first and do whatever is necessary to make it shine. You don’t find that every day or in every person but it’s there and so obvious in Chuck. I wouldn’t trade but perhaps 2 days of the last 9 years with him. I don’t even know if I have a picture of him to put with this post..have to go check.

Chuck, you are my hero!



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