Honoring Dr. Anne Kunath – Day #30 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

400170_2998765092059_45758064_nIt’s amazing. We are at the end of the 30 days honoring people who inspired me! If you’ve been following along I hope you have thought about what personally inspires you – what are those qualities that you respect and admire and would like to incorporate into your life. You may not want to do the exact same thing as someone (for example, I do not have a desire to swim from Cuba to Florida as Diana Nyad went after). But I certainly would love to cultivate that dogged determination and work ethic required to train for and endure the hardships encountered along the way of life. She personifies what I’d like to be – never wavering, never failing, never giving up, etc. That is what you want to look at when you feel someone has inspired you. Write down their wonderful qualities and make your “admiration” list and see how you can integrate them into your own personal life.

Well – I saved the best for last. Today’s “Inspiree” is Dr. Anne Kunath – founder of the Church of Today and assistant to Catherine Ponder (first lady of New Thought). But that description is nothing – empty sounding. Dr. Kunath walks the talk as they say. She has taught New Thought concepts (metaphysics) for decades before “The Secret” came out and brought the Law of Attraction to everyone’s attention. She was raising awareness of how the Universe works since the 1970’s. She is persistent, charismatic and brilliant!

I met Dr. Kunath “by accident” in 1985 when I went to a class at her “weird” church simply to have something to do (I had just been “dumped” from a relationship and the woman I hung out with was going to this “metaphysics” class – I had no idea what the heck “metaphysics” was – I only knew I didn’t want to be alone that night). That was the night that changed my life forever. I sat there in the audience as Dr. Kunath explained the concepts and although I didn’t understand all of them, things were clicking inside of me – “this sounds like what I’ve believed for so long but never knew anyone else thought the same way”. We got to talk to her after class and bombarded her with question after question. I came back on Sunday…and the following Wednesday and on and on and I was a regular. I even had the pleasure and opportunity to go to an International New Thought Alliance Annual conference in Calgary, Canada and I have to say it was the best and most rewarding conference I’ve ever attended. After that, Dr. Kunath allowed me to become intimately involve in the church and I began my life outside of medicine and the military. That may sound funny but it really was the first time I’d had anything to do that wasn’t related to either medicine or the military. It really 36728_1504630939639_3592611_ndoes take getting used to but I adapted pretty quickly and she gave me so many opportunities to lead others as I learned more and more about New Thought. I was definitely addicted.

Then, as things go in the military, I was transferred to the East Coast. And although we stayed in touch, I missed her teachings (in those days they didn’t even have the internet and so I couldn’t get any “e-learning”. Many years went by and to make a very long story as short as possible, the Universe brought me this opportunity to get a job in San Antonio – I’ve told that story many times so I won’t repeat it here but others would say it was a miracle for certain. I say that it was the Law of Attraction in its purest form. I ended up back here in San Antonio and after another “accident” I learned about teleseminars and Dr. Kunath and I began Getting Unstuck, LLC and Everyday New Thought Membership center.  What a great 7 years it’s been and although I now am officially on my own because she has taken a well-deserved retirement,  Dr. Kunath is in my soul and mind and a part of my every day existence.

She has the patience of a Saint (even though she doesn’t think she does) but more importantly, she has the ability to captivate you with stories and possibilities for your life. She’s a member of Mensa which you could figure out after one conversation with her  but she’s not egotistical or egocentric. As I said, she really does practice what she preaches. She applies the principles of the Universal Laws in everything she does.

She has a persistent determination and whatever she tries she achieves. She is just a truly amazing person and I am so honored to have met her, worked with her and be her friend. Anne – you are phenomenal and I just adore and respect you more than you can possibly imagine. I also know that there are a ton of people out there who feel the same as I do.

Thank you for everything you have given me, been to me and exemplified in your life. You are truly my hero!


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