Honoring Dr. Jeanette Cates – Day #4 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

catesheadshot300 Today’s honoree is a very special person in my life in SO MANY WAYS! I could (and probably will) say that about many folks during my “Top 30 Month” but Dr. Jeanette Cates holds a particular place in my heart – and mind.

I first met Dr. Cates in 2006 at a Jim Edwards conference. I had just started my business and knew how to do teleseminars with my business partner. Dr. Cates was speaking on, imagine that, teleseminars. I was intrigued by her teaching style, her knowledge and most of all by the fact that she lived just 70 miles up the road from me in Austin, Texas – at that point in my business life I thought that all IMPORTANT people were untouchable and lived “far away” (even though George Strait lives “far away” although he’s right here in San Antonio).

As the conference went on my shy little self finally got the courage to talk to Dr. Cates and thank her for her information and expertise.  We talked a bit and then I crawled back into my hole 🙂

When I got home I made sure that I followed everything she did and bought every product of hers that I could find. Her ability to teach and get the important points and concepts across in such a short period of time – so concisely and succinctly- amazed and pleased me. I had taken many courses that were weeks long and by the time I finished I forgot what was said in week 1. But Dr. Cates could take that information (from several weeks of a course) and place the practical knowledge into our heads in about an hour. I was blown away by her amazing talents to say nothing of her phenomenal knowledge.  She had a follower forever in me.

As the years went by we became closer (I think that’s because I was just a pest that she finally started to accept). We met at a few more conferences and I got a bit less shy and we talked more.  We also found out that she sometimes was in San Antonio and we took advantage of that and had lunch and then I would drive to Austin and we’d have lunch – can you see a pattern here – and a common denominator – food…LOL.

Without boring you I just will say that Dr. Cates has been a very influence in my life as a friend, mentor and internet business presence. There is NO ONE on the internet that can take you from nothing to success in such a short period of time like she can. She is so far beyond all of us (I still am a beginner in many ways even though I’ve done this for 7 years now) but, unlike so many, is able to remember what it was like to be at the beginning and knows exactly what we need.

She is compassionate and caring and will do just about anything for anyone who needs help and wants to learn. She is brilliant (genius is a better descriptor) but is not “too good” for everyone else as you often find in people that smart.

Dr. Cates really wants people to succeed – she’s had opportunities to expand beyond the beginner arena and yet remained a staple for us – a life preserver for us.  There really is no one else out there that fills her shoes. I would follow her anywhere and if she tells me to jump, I jump.

But she is so much more as a person and I owe her my life in so many ways. She stepped forward two years ago and gave me the information and the opportunity to change my life and begin again. I can NEVER thank her enough for that. So, not only has she had such a positive impact on my internet business but also on my personal life. Where in life do you ever have the opportunity to have such a total friendship/relationship. This only happens once in a life time and I know that I am so very blessed and realize that the Law of Attraction has brought Dr. Jeanette Cates into my life for a very important reason – I’m not sure I would be alive today if not for her. Not many people have a friend that has been a life line for them and had such meaning. But I am one who does and I revel in it every day.

Thank you Dr. Cates! For EVERYTHING! I honor you today (and every other day of my current and future life).


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2 thoughts on “Honoring Dr. Jeanette Cates – Day #4 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

  1. Terrie –
    I am HONORED by your tribute. Thank you.
    I am MOVED by your growth and gratitude.
    I am INSPIRED by your journey into your best self.
    I am COMFORTED by your friendship.
    I am PROUD of how much you have achieved in the short time I’ve known you.
    I am THRILLED to be your friend!
    With love and gratitude in your having stepped up all those years ago –

    • Wow Jeanette. thank you – you are much more eloquent than i was but you know how much I really respect and honor you!
      Thank you again.