Honoring Ellen DeGeneres – Day #28 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

large_ellen_degeneresYes that’s Ellen (as we know her) – it’s nice to be so well known that you can go by one name isn’t it? Ah yes, fame – I could always be “Dr. Terrie” – that seems to be the thing now-a-days – like “Dr. Phil” or even “Judge Judy”. Ha.

But let’s get back to inspiration. Ellen has inspired me for the longest time. She has dared so much and yet has continued to be herself during all her rise to fame. She hasn’t let anything go to her head in any way. She’s still down to earth and open and honest. Something very rare in a celebrity today.

She went on the air when Oprah was still there – some pretty stiff competition I’d say.  But she was a different kind of celebrity than Oprah and I truly believe her love for entertainment is what made it appear to be more of a collaboration than a competition. Ellen is a comedian who has guests on her show whereas Oprah still had that reporter image, looking for/at a story. There’s plenty of room in this world for everyone and these two proved it. Ellen took that big brave step when she first went on and she persevered because she appeals to such a great group of people who love to laugh and live right along with her.

I’m inspired by her sense of humor and ability to let people know that she cares about them and this is the way she can bring a little light and sunshine into their lives every day.

But I’m more inspired by her openness and willingness to profess her being gay and risking a great deal by letting people know. But it hasn’t seemed to dampen her popularity at all – in fact her honesty and courage may have increased it. You always hear the phrase “the courage to stick to their convictions” but what does that really mean? I think Ellen has definitely proven what it means. She doesn’t hide behind pretenses – she wants to be herself and let her life be there for others to emulate or ignore -whichever they choose. But she believes in herself and the right to having your own sexuality and being able to express it without judgment. She stood up for that. She did not hide behind any cloak (or in the closet as they say). She risked her career to stand up for what she is and what she believe in. What more can you ask in a person.

Ellen lives as I’d like to live – in openness and honesty. And her humor and love for others is something that impresses me more than you can know. I want to be like Ellen when I grow up!


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