Honoring Kay Christopher – Day #3 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

page27_1 Do you know what EFT is? I didn’t for the longest time but I will tell you that it’s probably THE most important technique I’ve ever learned. And although I had tried it (actually that should read “dabbled in it”), I didn’t think I knew how to use it effectively. I did know that it was something that made me cry out of the clear blue sky one time when I was “tapping” along with a CD I had ordered on pain relief.  THAT really hit home with me but I still didn’t get into it as deeply as I should have – probably out of fear of the unknown and fear that I wasn’t doing it right (so the answer is to not do it at all right? NOT).

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping” – it’s a form of energy medicine based on the meridians in your body (so based on ancient medical principles – the best kind there is that I’ve ever encountered). If you want to know more about what EFT is you can check out Gary Craig’s website (the founder of EFT).

But this is about another person who’s changed my life. She is  Kay Christopher – my EFT practitioner (I think that sounds weird to put “my” in front of that – like I could own someone but then again people say that Dr. so and so is “my” doctor so I guess it’s accepted..LOL).

I “met” Kay (on the phone) over 2 years ago kind of by accident. She used to be a therapist and I needed an evaluation before a surgical procedure I had so a friend recommended I ask her. This friend (who is also on my “Top 30” list so stay tuned) had told me about Kay’s doing EFT but since she lived in Austin I didn’t really see how I could do any of that “stuff” on the phone. But I called Kay to find out if she could do the other evaluation. She told me ‘no’ she didn’t do that any more. But since I had her on the phone and was anxious about the surgery I thought “what the heck” maybe I’ll see what this “phone EFT” is. So I made an appointment with her.

There was no looking back after that. I was hooked. And I began changing. Almost every week, Kay guided me through all the changes that were to come in my life. I had no idea so many changes were coming. I knew I wasn’t happy and that my life was actually quite a stick_figure_holding_letter_e_400_clr_7746 stick_figure_holding_letter_f_400_clr_7701 mess.  But it was a nebulous entity – I was so wrapped up in work and was working almost every hour of every day (still trying to cover for a doctor who had died in 2007 and also creating a new computer system stick_figure_holding_letter_t_400_clr_7742for our organization etc). My health was not good. I had no relationships outside of work (you need time for that). All my life equaled was work and I knew that at 62 years old I did NOT want that anymore.  And this was even before I met Dan.

EFT helped unblock the energy flow in my body (my description, not anything official). Although major changes happen each time you tap, there are so many layers of blockage that it’s like the proverbial onion that needs to be peeled back.

Kay worked with me every single week – patiently helping me uncover areas that I wanted to work on. So we’d tap and tap and tap and almost every week another change took place in me. She is such an expert at uncovering my problem areas and asking the correct questions to find out what I needed – probing questions which I didn’t always like but I trusted Kay enough to know that they were vital questions.

Would I have begun working with Dan last year without Kay – I’m not sure. It took courage for me to go to the gym and ask for help (it’s always been difficult for me to ask for help all my life – until I got into working with Kay) because I felt I wasn’t worth it or worth taking up his time. I would have been worried about the embarrassment of an old fart working out in front of all the other people there, etc.

Would I have started running again without Kay? I don’t know that either. I suspect I might not have for the same reasons. Fear – she has helped me conquer so much fear in so many areas of my life – many people keep telling me how much I’ve accomplished in my life – and I guess they are right but FEAR has held me back from achieving so much more.

Would I have had the courage to show up at Parvaneh’s events and then ask her if I could actually continue running with the folks of her caliber. NO, I would not have had that courage. I can say that flat out. Without tapping and Kay’s “unroofing” of my inner fears and conflicts I would NEVER have showed up at that first event. And if I had, I would never have gone back. For that alone I owe Kay so much. I cannot thank her sufficiently.

You may be saying to yourself – “well, that’s her job, after all Terrie you are paying her”. And yes, you’re right I am paying her. But you can pay alot of people and still not have them help you to such a great degree week after week after week. A lot of folks reach their limits in how they can help you but Kay has NEVER reached any limits (except maybe patience with me but she’s never mentioned it fortunately) – her experience and knowledge are boundless and I continue to be impressed weekly with her kindness, compassion as well as her brilliance.

Thank you Kay – without you  I don’t know where I would be today but it would definitely be in a very bad place.


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