Honoring Kevin Brosi – Day #13 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You


Another runner who has inspired me – imagine that…LOL. Kevin Brosi is such an unassuming man and I have only really talked to him once beyond “hi good job” in passing on the course. But considering the over 12 marathons he did in 12 days (it might have even been 15 in a row) he did with a very bad knee that had to be operated upon early January 2013.

He had to walk alot during those marathons and you knew deep in your heart that even that hurt like hell but he didn’t reflect it in his outer being. He continued to be supportive and helpful and caring for others as he limped along.

He never complained or used it as an excuse. I found out about his damage and scheduled surgery from someone else, not even from him. That elevated him in my mind even more. He wasn’t out there after sympathy or compassion for others. He was out there to accomplish a mission and you know it was tearing him up to not be able to run like he’s used to. But he didn’t let it deter him from being out there “competing” with others.

From some of the additional photos I’ve posted here, you’ll see how important Kevin is to other runners in this wonderful family. He helped create our Stonewall – our own Alamo – along the race course over all those days. Then in Houston we all held a sign that said “we miss you Kevin”  to cheer him up and let him know that “out of sight, out of mind” did NOT ap248435_4466344374877_1503511790_nply to him at all.

And he’s come back strong to run the Cowtown marathon last weekend. Congratulations on your return Kevin.

He exemplifies the courage and toughness that all these ultrarunners have and that I wish I could emulate. They are tough and Kevin’s amongst the toughest – doing over 300 miles in 12 consecutive days on a completely trashed knee is the hallmark of courage for me. Something that I hope I can emulate when the going gets tough in my runs. I will never be of the caliber that Kevin is but I hope I can have some of the courage and toughness that he has.



Learn to endure, not complain, look for the positive and no matter what, just keep going! As Winston Churchill said – Never give up! and Kevin didn’t. I’m so glad he’s back and doing well. I am very happy to have met you and to be able to recognize your courage and perseverance. You are a true gentleman, Kevin!


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