Honoring Larry Macon – Day #5 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

15675_529528713748794_727665780_n Today’s honoree is an extremely special person and it’s fitting that I honor him today since on Sunday (think I’ve got that right) he will participate in his 1,000th marathon – the Cowtown marathon – now that’s rockin!

But this man does so much more than run marathons. Mr. Larry Macon is a successful attorney in San Antonio, Tx and he’s about 68 (not good at calculating) and that makes me honor him more! Not because he’s old but because he’s only about 4 years older than I am and he’s done so much more and I want to be like him when I grow up.

Mr. Macon ran 153 marathons in 2012 and is the most unassuming person you’d ever meet. You would never know he was a trial lawyer who is more successful than Perry Mason in my book anyway.  Do you know how many marathons a week that is? Do the math and you’ll figure out why he’s so impressive. But it’s not just 2012 that he rocked. He did it the year before and the year before that. Check out this 2009 article about him.  And even so far this year he’s knocking at least 2 marathons out every weekend.  He is the Guiness Book of World Records holder for the most marathons in a year.

But all that is a bunch of statistics. So what’s so special and inspiring about this man. Yes, the numbers are inspiring for sure but I have to tell you that you would never know that he was such a dynamo who just doesn’t stop. He’s so personable, friendly and supportive that I can’t believe he would talk to someone like me.

Yet, the very first time I met him we were passing each other (several times) on my first encounter with him and the other running family members in December 2012. I had no idea who this guy was (I had no idea who anyone was). But what I did know was that I was a newcomer and a “new”, inexperienced runner (compared to them – they are the elite ultra runners) and was very shy especially because I’m so slow.

But you know what? This man named “Larry” kept talking to me as we passed, soon learned my name and continued to encourage me every time he saw me.  At the finish line when I wanted a hug, he was there and willing to take a minute for that hug. When they had the big ceremony for him – his birthday and breaking the world record (again) he still had time for me and EVERYONE else around him.

He is selfless and cares about other people. It’s amazing when you read the articles about him or see the news videos he talks about all the people he’s met running these marathons, he’s not talking about himself unless someone asks him a specific question.

His smile is so contagious and welcome no matter how many miles he’s covered and how little sleep he’s had in the past week. He’s there for you. What more can you ask in a human being.

He takes his running seriously but takes life and people and their needs much more seriously. That is the mark of a truly inspiring human being – so unassuming, caring and compassionate while as the same time being successful at everything he does. He also has never complained no matter how miserable he is. He takes each day as it comes and we all need to emulate that. Whenever I’m feeling miserable during a run, I think of Larry and what he goes thru and then I think of his wonderful smile and greeting and things immediately get better.

Thank you for coming into my life, Larry – you are a wonderful guy and congratulations this weekend on # 1000 – you are the elite for sure.


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2 thoughts on “Honoring Larry Macon – Day #5 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

  1. Terrie, what a wonderful article about Larry Macon. I know he must be so honored and touched by your words. He truly is a great man and such a good ambassador for the running community. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this article.