Honoring Randy Carroll and Jamie Martin – Day #26 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

2013 St Jude Radiothon 009Again another “unplanned” Inspiree (remember I created that word to mean someone who has inspired me) for today.  I’m still on a high and a roll for St Jude Children’s Research Center. Every year since the late 1990s (I can’t remember exactly – surprise, surprise) I’ve cherished the two day period when Country Music honors St Jude and the children who are suffering way more than they should ever have to. I think I mentioned this when I wrote about Travis Moon – when I moved from DC to San Antonio one of the things I missed the most was the St Jude Radiothons. I was so excited when Travis brought them to San Antonio! I felt alive again. Of course I can give to St Jude at any time. That’s not the point. There is such magic during that two day period when a community unites around a group of children who are fighting the fight of their lives while their parents sit around helplessly and have to watch. And San Antonio, although a very large city, may not be high in the income bracket. However, we have all embraced this cause. If we hadn’t, we would NOT have increased our giving every year in the four short years that the radiothon has been in existence here.

So what does all that have to do with today’s folks – Randy Carroll and Jamie Martin?  They are the two primary radio personalities who collaborate and support Travis Moon and bring the wonderful folks of San Antonio together. They all go without sleep and are on the air for an amazing amount of time talking and encouraging everyone to give. That is NOT an easy task. And then they have to work the next day – they don’t even get to see their families for several days I think.  I know that they were there from approximately 3 a.m. on Thursday til well after 9 pm  and then again back on the air at least by 4 a.m. Friday and did not get done with their radio responsibilities until after 11 pm and then back on the air on Saturday a.m. That is phenomenal endurance and something I admire (if you’ve followed any of my running endeavors, endurance is the most important thing to me).

But not only do Randy and Jamie have the endurance but they have their fingers on the pulse of San Antonio and they know what’s going on in our minds, hearts and souls. And they are so sensitive to issues that everyone has. They spend hours “outside” of themselves trying to take us away from whatever pain we might be going through every single day. You know they have to have “bad hair” days (that’s sort of a joke if you listen to KJ97) but you never hear it in their voices. They are always there for us. We often need that. I know I do. When things aren’t going great at work, I just plug in the radio and hear them laughing or talking about what’s going on and I start to smile again and things don’t seem so rough.

We often take these folks for granted. They are sleep deprived almost 100% of the time because they are the early morning show but they have to host late night concerts that the radio station is involved in. You know they are totally exhausted but you NEVER ever hear it in their voices. They never complain or say “you think you’ve got it bad”. No, they are always upbeat and happy, knowing that’s what the listeners need (and expect even though we know that they are human too, we tend to forget that). They certainly live up to our expectations.

I remember when Jamie hooked up with Randy on the morning show. What a difference that made for everyone. In fact, it’s funny but when one of them is on vacation and they have a “guest” helping out, it’s like going through withdrawal.  How selfish of me. But I can’t help it if they have spoiled me.

I have never heard two more wonderful people in my entire listening career. I used to dislike country music until I started running in 1993. Where I lived the only thing  I could get on my radio was country music so I ran (in the middle of the night) and began to love country and now do not listen to anything else. I have had two favorite sets of morning DJs – Jim London/Mary Ball in DC and now Randy and Carroll in SA. You can tell how much you love your radio personalities by how much you miss them if you don’t listen for a day. I take some courses that I have CDs that I should listen to and every morning when I get in the car to go to work I have to make a conscious decision regarding what to listen to: Randy and Jamie or my CDs. I will tell you that in the a.m. Randy and Jamie win 90% of the timjamie randy and mee – I always tell myself that I can listen to the CDs in the afternoon. Why do I do this? Because not only do they play all the songs I love to hear (especially “King George”) but because I just feel like I’m part of their family and if I miss a day I miss out on what’s going on in the family’s life.  I think they call that living vicariously or something like that.

Anyway, Randy and Jamie – I thank you for your dedication to St Jude, to country music and most of all to us, your very loyal listeners! You are the highlight of my day almost every single day and I can’t thank you enough. You are a Dynamic Duo for sure! And of course I have to put this great picture up again….LOL..can you tell it means alot to me that you took the time to shoot it with me? Ha Ha!


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