Honoring Rich German – Day #16 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

Rich150 Rich German is one of my mentors and a mentor is “supposed” to inspire you. Many do not (why we would continue to call them mentors I don’t really know but we do). Rich does. Bottom line – he is very inspirational not only with his words but with his actions and his lifestyle. He’s unassuming and has a very touching story and wants to help homeless children in the US.  I think the fact that he’s done what I want to do (establish a foundation) inspires me even more. Plus, he’s a great coach and teacher for all of us in his program. He takes the time to work with you but doesn’t let your (my) “stuff” get in the way – he makes you do things. However along with his passion for coaching coaches and helping them build their businesses, he’s compassionate. That’s pretty unusual for a guy – ha ha – to be compassionate at the same time as he’s pursuing his passion. He understands that “life gets in the way” because he’s been there, done that and even probably has a few t-shirts! So he understands where you are but also wants you to get where you want to go.

His ability to work with people and coax the most out of them so that they go deep within themselves but not stomping on them once they’ve let that fragile and vulnerable part out is also unusual but quite an endearing quality he has.

When he gets ideas, he goes after them with full force and makes them work. Almost all of his ideas work! That is the mark of someone who not only has the business savvy needed but also operates on his intuition and inspiration. What a 9781616083434_300X300combination. If we all could do that, we would be phenomenal human beings. But not all of us seem to be able to extract that from deep within. However, if you hang around Rich for very long, it will rub off you. You can’t go wrong being around his very high vibration. I have to tell you, though, that I think the primary brains behind his business is his sister, Robin. Both Rich and Robin live the Law of Attraction and have written a book about it (which is also available as an audiobook and I recommend that for people who want to learn and run/exercise). My finding Rich was another one of those Universal “accidents” that I love – I just happened to hear an old recording of an interview with him at just the right time. As a result I was able to enroll in his course and have benefited markedly since November when I began my journey with Rich. I hope to meet him in December where I can give him a hard time (he thrives on that and then he can show off his healthy living lifestyle by beating a “girl”).

I know I’m rambling but being around creative people kind of makes you do that. He is definitely creative and that’s something I just want to absorb from him if I can. Just let the inspirational and creative juices flow as it were.

Rich German makes my week when we have calls together and even moreso when we have those “private” calls (no, they are not like that…LOL). He gets my thoughts flowing and pushes me into action – I am so happy and grateful that Rich is in my life and has given me so much to emulate!

Check out Generation Why before you do anything else today – help our homeless children and feel better about yourself.  You can get a copy of his book, Monetize Your Passion too.


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