Honoring Robin Roberts – Day #21 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

robin-roberts-600 No I don’t know Robin Roberts – but I sure wish I did. Her return to Good Morning America last week (or was it the week before) was a major miracle and captured the attention of viewers the world round. Why is that? She is a very popular person. But there are alot of popular celebrities – however, how many of them have been positive no matter what the circumstances. We always see them with makeup and when they are “on camera”, not when they are having a bad day or some sort of tragic problem. But Robin Roberts shared her tragedies and the experience of them with us. She forsook her privacy in order to make people aware of the issues and problems that so many go through. It’s great when a news figure brings attention to some cause. But usually they do it after they’ve recovered or been through the experience. Robin brought people into the heart of her experience and periodically let people know what was happening and what she was going through. But have you ever seen her without a smile – and a genuine smile? I haven’t. I am certain there have been times that smiling was probably the last thing she wanted to do but that’s such a prominent part of her being that it was just natural.

Her positive outlook and determination is what inspires me. It helps me get through the dinky little troubles that I have day to day. She has alot of stuff to endure and yet she’s so caring and loving to those all around her. Her gratitude toward her team was amazing and the real center of her attention on her first day back. That’s truly amazing to me.

It was/is her determination and dedication that is keeping her going through the hard times she’s been going through. Can you do the same and behave the same as she? I don’t think I have the courage and the fortitude to endure all that. I am constantly amazed at all she’s been through and how she’s come out of it.

That’s why she’s an inspiration to me – her endurance, her dedication, determination and devotion are all above reproach.

Welcome back Robin Roberts!


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