How Do You Deal With Disappointment?

iStock_000014869787SmallSo, I’m sitting here writing on my blog instead of being out in California running in a 100 mile race. Bummer.

Then, tomorrow I’ll be sitting here writing (or working) rather than going to a long awaited Publicity Summit in New York City. Double Bummer.

Plus, I have to unpack everything both for the race and for the conference since I pack a week ahead of time.  Triple Bummer since that’s reliving the preparations!

On top of that disappointment I have to deal with the concern and disappointment associated with the reason I can’t attend these events – medical issues that are as yet undiagnosed. So that would make it a Quadruple Bummer, right?

Sounds like an Olympic Event to me!

What should I do? What are my options?  Let’s see:

  • I could sit around and mope and tell everyone how miserable I am (I probably did enough of that already though 🙂 )
  • I could sit around and worry about what’s wrong with me and being that I’m a doctor, I could use my very active imagination to come up with some horrible choices.
  • I could sit around and be depressed that I can’t do any physical activity and I’m itching to run and add to that that maybe I won’t ever be able to run again (of course I don’t know that – it would be my imagination again).iStock_000013901371Small

Does all that sound productive, positive or even like any fun? Heck no!

Not only are those options not productive but they are also very damaging. Remember that you can imprint a concept onto the Universe in 17 seconds. Then when you add another 17 seconds and another 17 seconds the power of that thought and concept markedly increases. You HAVE to  interrupt that 17 second repeat cycle or Momentum gets going. Once the momentum starts, it takes a great deal of energy to reverse or stop it! Sometimes you just have to let it run it’s course because the more you try to stop it, the more resistance you are putting up and you’re apt to continue to fall into the Abyss of self-pity or whatever emotional roller coaster you’re riding on.

Newtons cradleIt’s hard for someone to be “positive” all the time – I’m not advocating Pollyanna behavior because that’s not reality. However, I am advocating doing anything you can to stop that 17 second process from proceeding directly into Momentum! This is the phrase that I use to interrupt my thoughts when they are going down a path I don’t want to follow (such as all the terrible things that could be wrong with me) – “That is NOT my TRUTH” – when I say that, it interrupts that 17 second process and it puts the skids on the momentum. Sometimes I have to repeat it to myself many times an hour (or even a minute) but as long as I remember to use it, I don’t head down into the abyss.  Saying that phrase also allows me time to think of something else that can get my emotions/vibrations on a plane where I want them. In my case, I switch from the “oh no, poor me” thoughts to visualizing my long anticipated run across Tennessee this summer. When I do that, I feel happy and my vibrations are raised to a level that puts me in a much happier state and those are the vibrations I really WANT to put out to the Universe. I don’t want the Universe answering my “poor me” phone. I want it answering the “I am fine and dandy and can do anything” phone.  It’s pretty simple to think of something that makes you happy. It can be in the future or in the past – but it’s a memory associated with a happy feeling.

We’ve all heard stories of the Prisoners of War who survived because of their imagination and thoughts and ability to put themselves somewhere outside of their actual environment. That’s what we have to do when we experience disappointment.

Another thing to do to face the disappointment and prevent the momentum of feeling “down” is to put your energy into some other activity or hobby. Preferably something that will engage you so that you won’t have time to travel down that other path.  If you’re not feeling well, you can read or even write in a journal (being careful about what you’re writing though – try to focus on the good things).

A good friend gave me this advice (without knowing that it was advice) yesterday – “I try to appreciate each day”. I like that approach and it really hit home for me. It’s great when friends just say stuff and it rings your bell.

Do whatever you can to stop the momentum and raise your vibration. That is the key to recovering from disappointment. Then just “rinse and repeat” – it’s a slow process and there may be many steps you have to take but just take them one at a time and you will get there. You just want to be moving in the upward direction.


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One thought on “How Do You Deal With Disappointment?

  1. ride the wave.

    btw: I had surgery last September, I’m back running and signed up for a 55 hour ultra in Houston. I met another lady today who is back running after surgery. We were happy together. YOU will ride this wave.