How Do You Deal With Loss?

holding_piece_to_heart_pc_400_clr_4831 And no, I am not bemoaning the fact that “my team” lost yesterday (they didn’t play well enough at all). However, you could look at that as a loss of sorts.

But what I’m talking about here is when events occur that take people (usually although it can be things as well) away from your life – significant people.  This could be through death, illness, moving, arguments, etc.

How do you deal with these occurrences?

I have found myself experiencing loss after loss since last summer. More in a short period than I have had other than one other time in my life. Perhaps it’s because I’m aware of the impact of these living beings on my life more than I ever was. Maybe it’s because interaction is more important to me than it’s ever been. I don’t know.

What I  do know is that I react differently now than I have in the past when things have disappeared from my life or been taken away from me. I like to think of it as growth rather than just the numbing response that people have when they continually experience pain that they just want to block out.

I have begun to look at the losses individually and see what they mean, what lessons I’m supposed to learn. But I’ve also learned through the years that I may not see the lesson or the result right away.  That’s probably the most important thing that I want to impart to you.

I lost what I had thought was a very valuable and meaningful friendship last July. My life had begun to change in such a very positive way and “all was good”. Then I found out what that person was really made of and had to pull away. As a result of that and my values, I ended up being separated from all the other wonderful folks I had met in the previous 7-8 months. That was very hard for me.  It was like withdrawing from a new found drug or other addictive material.

I survived through the summer by training for the New York City Marathon and nurturing another, even stronger friendship helping someone who was hurting more than I was.up_down_arrow_sign_12604

Next came the loss of my precious baby, Jackie. 13 years of her 15 years on earth had been spent with me. She was like my child. Even though I was, at first, devastated, I soon realized that she had given me what she was supposed to give and had helped me get to a point where I could live (and thrive) without her. And she knew it and helped me let go. Once I realized that she knew it was time for me more than her, that made it easier. So I was able to find freedom through that loss as well as continual gratitude to her for all she had done for me.

Soon after Jackie went across the Rainbow Bridge (pet lovers will know what that is), I learned that my personal trainer was going to be leaving. As you read in a post earlier this week, Dan had changed my life completely. This was a loss I definitely wasn’t prepared for and I was crushed. But the Universe is good and it allowed me time to get used to this upcoming change and even prolonged it because of a change in his plans. This time we were given allowed us to become even closer and allowed me to do things for him to help in his transition. Although I do not feel there could ever be a trainer like him, there is much to be learned from him and from his departure. But I am not focusing on his absence but on what he gave me and how he changed my life! That is the change from the past and what you have to do – focus on what’s left and what good has come from that being’s presence in your life.

I getting_from_a_to_b_400_clr_9235had other losses and potential losses – people I cared about were going to be gone for months and then I found out that my boss has to leave this summer.

It’s strange to see so much happen in my life so recently. But I have this distinct feeling that it’s all in preparation for greater good that’s coming. I have never felt that way before. This is knowing that the Universe provides. In addition, I know that dwelling on the bad or sad parts for very long only bring more bad and sad. And I know enough about the Law of Attraction to work with it to bring this greater good to my life. You know what they say about closing one door and opening another. That all depends on whether you are willing to open your eyes and look for that door.

How do you deal with loss? Always remember that the Law of Attraction brings you more of what your vibration is reflecting.





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