How Do You Measure Success?

I’ve been traveling for the past 2 days – out of 36 hours I was on a plane for 10 hours and in airports for 7-8 additional hours….all just to give a one hour presentation…..So, I’m beat. But before I go take a nap before the Yankees play tonight I wanted to tell you something I saw while rushing to a plane last night.

I didn’t even stop to read the entire ad but what caught my attention was “We measure our success by what we give back…….”

How startling is that? To see that in the middle of all the other “buy my product” signs someone was talking about giving back.

A good question to ask yourself right now and even every day perhaps is “How do I measure my success”?

Tell us below how you measure success. 

I know I just love to give back to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in memory of my hero/angel Suzanne. Check out the tribute page and read about why she’s my hero. If you love to help children feel free to donate in her memory as you give thanks that the children in your life are healthy!


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