How Does Tithing Protect You From Negative Experiences

How Does Tithing Protect You From Negative Experiences

When you put God first financially, you open your mind, body and all aspects of your life to the goodness of the universe; to infinite life, love, wisdom, power and substance. You also tend to look to God for guidance, healing and supply.

Since tithing is businesslike, orderly, scientific and practical, you open the way to receive similar results in your life. This is an important point – the fact that it is businesslike – remember that we have taken God on as a business partner.

In 1855 John D. Rockefeller began tithing. His total income for that year was $95.00. He tithed $9.50 to his church. Between 1855 and 1934 he gave away $531 million dollars. When people tried to criticize the Rockefeller wealth, he had a standard  reply “God gave me my money.”

Since we are made in the image and likeness of God a rich universe is happy to multiply our good as an expression of universal affection, appreciation and esteem. Remember that these blessings are yours by Divine Right!

Through your acts of impersonal, unselfish giving, you attune your consciousness to that of universal abundance and put yourself in line to receive its rich gifts.

It is only when we let go of our “littleness” that we can expand into a larger life.

Tithing is an act of faith. Faith moves on universal substance to enhance and bless the person who is doing the tithing.  You will prosper and your problems will fade away.


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