How Has Your Background Affected You?

In “The Art of Making Things Happen” you’ll find that one of the first steps in achieving your well-deserved success is uncovering your limiting beliefs. Today Dr.Kunath shows you how your backgrounds affect you!

“All of us know that as we were being raised, we heard a lot of things that we no longer believe. Unless we evaluate and tell ourselves, ‘I have a choice,’ and, ‘I don’t want to believe that anymore,’ we don’t have to believe all of the
things about sickness, family and ideas. Knowing that we have a choice now to be in control, we understand it is not relative to our past.

We have thoughts, feelings and ideas of ourselves that our relatives, especially our older brothers and sisters, have told us we are. I had an older brother that told me I was too little, not big enough to do anything. It took a long time after I reached adulthood until realized he didn’t know anything.

Everything he thought I couldn’t do, I was doing better than him.

That is the kind of thing we have to look at in the metaphysical and the divine science. We are more absolute on what we believe and what we don’t believe.

We heard many things in religion. Most of us came from an orthodox Christian religion that told us all the things we had to do, or else. That ‘or else’ could mean we were going to be punished, or going to hell, or that we wouldn’t get into heaven.

We were told many things about races, which races were good and which weren’t so good, and the evil of the races. A whole new idea that any one of a particular race was a particular thing. This is not true, either. We have negative in every race. We have positive, rich and poor in every race. We have everything according to the beliefs of the people within it.

It’s the same thing with nationality and location of people. Terrie and I tease about this. She’s from the North and I’m from the South. Sometimes we don’t understand what each other is saying because we have different words for different things.

If you stop and listen to some of these words, look them up in the dictionary, you will discover that there are a lot things we really don’t understand the meaning of.

How much we want to change is when you decide some of the words, ideas and opinions aren’t the way they should be. We talked about opinions before. There’s a difference between opinion and facts.

Opinions are deciding on what you believe based on information you’ve received. Much of the information that we receive is not accurate.

The information that all races, conditions and people are a certain way is not accurate. We put people in a category and give them labels. When we stop giving people labels, we’ll find it’s a much nicer world.

We evaluate when we heard these words. It is defaming in some way, or a negative attitude or feeling that happens. Do we want to change that or not? If you want to change, you become more aware of what’s going on.

Know and understand what you’re doing and where you are in life, depending on what kind of success you want to have.”

Do you want to know more about how to change your past beliefs?

This information is pertinent no matter what point you’re at in your metaphysical education.

The Art of Making Things Happen” is jam packed with all the steps you need to identify and examine those beliefs you have instilled in you from the past and then figure out how you want to change them.

Join Dr. Kunath and I as we guide you along in “The Art of Making Things Happen” home study course.

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2 thoughts on “How Has Your Background Affected You?

  1. Good good points there!

    I particularly liked "If you stop and listen to some of these words, look them up in the dictionary, you will discover that there are a lot things we really don’t understand the meaning of."

    Yeah, there are just SOOO many words that for one reason or another are mistranslated even though they are spoken in the same language.

    Learning from the past is extremely important, but learning to re-evaluate the past and understand it is even more important!

  2. Piotr,
    You have a great way with words! You put all we teach together in one short comment that people can use to guide their life!

    I am so grateful that you’re in my life and that you’re helping our readers too.