How To Dissolve Fear, Worry & Tension


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How to Dissolve Fear, Worry and Tension

 Prayers of denial dissolve fear, worry, sorrow, sickness, tension and other negative emotions. These “No” prayers seem to neutralize the effects of negation.

When you use these second and third types of prayer – denial and affirmation – realize that they are as much attitudes of the mind as they are formal methods of prayer. You can use them silently or verbally wherever you are.

If you feel rushed and faced with an impossible task, try this:
“There is no need to rush. Divine Order is now established and maintained in this situation.”

So many people get the idea that someone else can keep their good from them. They go through life unhappily believing this. Prayers of denial can dissolve these beliefs. If you catch yourself thinking in a limited manner, simply declare “Nothing can oppose my good.”

When you have overcome your fear of any problem, you have gained control over it. It no longer controls you.


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