How To Increase Your Unexpected Income

Unexpected income is almost the most fun to receive because it is unexpected and comes as a pleasant surprise. Most people don’t look at everything they receive and consider it to be income. That’s the first thing we want to focus on. Once you begin to recognize what unexpected income is, you must express gratitude for whatever it is, no matter how small it is. Recognition and gratitude when coupled with joy will increase the frequency with which you receive such wonderful surprises.

I’ll give you an example of unexpected income. I had ordered some dog food and went to pick it up today. The receptionist had such a smile on her face as she said “you’ve never had a bill this small”. I was amazed. I didn’t know that I had been credited with a referral fee when I sent a friend to the vet. I did it because I think he’s a great doc. So, even though I had to pay 5 dollars today, there was $50 of unexpected income. This is what we call a Divine Surprise. Most people would not have realized this as unexpected income because they would see that they had to pay something. But when you realize you would have had to pay $50 more without this Divine Surprise, it definitely constitutes unexpected income.

I spent the rest of the morning smiling and thanking the Universe for this wonderful gift. That is the second most important key – letting the Universe know that you recognize what has been given to you and that you’re very grateful for it. Gratitude will also increase the power of your receiving.

Once you’re home or at a place where you have your gratitude journal make sure you record the gift. This cements it into your brain and your subconscious and it even gives your subconscious the impression that you’ve received more than you did. What were the components of my gift today? Surprise leading to happiness and joy. After that came repeated expressions of gratitude – aloud and to myself – all with smiles and happiness. The day was topped off with writing in my gratitude journal that I received this wonderful gift. Each time I just said that I was thankful for the unexpected income. I didn’t say “just $50”. I simply wanted the Universe to know that I knew I had the gift and that I was immensely thankful. This will add much more power to the vibrations emanating from me.

Try this and see what happens. Did someone buy you a drink, a sandwich? Did you get a bagel or donut that someone brought for the whole crew? What about a special coupon in the mail? Perhaps you bought something on sale – that’s unexpected income. Was someone in your neighborhood or a friend throwing out something that they asked you if you wanted? Look around you and see what happened during the day. I had another unexpected income experience today also. I was in a convenience store and the woman put in a penny for me rather than having to give me 99 cents in change. That may not sound like much but it’s more that adds power from my gratitude.

Gratitude is essential to your success. You can download a no-cost Gratitude Journal for your PC at The Gratitude Journal – Install it on your computer and then use it. If you want to find out more about how to craft your success check out The Art of Making Things Happen.


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2 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Unexpected Income

  1. This is a very nice way of explaining extra income. I did not see it that way. But in the past 3 x somebody paid for our food in a restaurant without us knowing about it. We were thankful and did wish God’s blessings on those people. Now, that I am widowed, I try sometimes to give homeless people money. When I am driving and I see them cross the street, I follow them to a save place, give them $10 and say God Bless you and leave. I wish I could do more but I can’t anymore. This is why I signed up on your website to make my own financial life more prosperous now, so I am able to help more. I have a general idea about the workings, I have been reading Dr. Jospeh Murphy and some other meta physical writers for years, but I am doing something wrong, because I am not seeing any increase and working 2 jobs right now to make ends meet. I am not complaining, I am glad I am able to do so, I just wish it was easier. I feel I am too old to work like that.

    • I’m so glad you commented on this article. Thank you for opening up to us. It’s also great that you have expressed your gratitude for the times that someone has paid for your food without you knowing about it – for that to happen 3 times is truly miraculous and does NOT happen to many people once, let alone 3 times. So focus on that miracle for awhile and ask the Universe to bring you many more Divine Surprises. What might help you if you haven’t done this before is to examine your belief systems and see what it is in you that is holding you back from obtaining your prosperity. Although the Universe wants to bring you what we want, WE actually have to do some work. We have to define our goals and make sure that they are our goals and not someone else’s. Then we have to be specific about them and define them in great detail. Then we have to examine our long-standing belief systems to find out why we’ve gotten to where we are and then proceed to clear and replace those belief systems using denials and affirmations. This is an overview of the process. You might benefit from our course, The Art of Making Things Happen, or you can continue with Dr. Murphy’s works, read our website and focus on the areas I suggested. You can also consider joining our membership site, Everyday New Thought, where you have access to all the teleseminars we’ve done. Best wishes. Terrie