How To Make Money Your Servant

To envy another’s money indicates a belief in lack of sufficient supply for everyone. Remember that you will experience what you most strongly give your attention o. When you hear of another’s good fortune, rich inheritance or wealthy possessions, you should do so with great joy and appreciation. Another’s demonstration of riches is but further proof of a God’s divine bounty – which is available to all mankind. You should rejoice in that!

Money has divine intelligence and it can tune into what you’re saying or thinking about it. It responds accordingly. Through positive, appreciative attitudes toward money, you can make money your servant, instead of becoming its slave. Deliberately cultivate the habit of appreciating money.

If you make excuses about your appreciation and depreciate money, it seems to know it and it will be repelled from you by your depreciation.

More from Charles Fillmore “Watch your thoughts when you are handling money, because your money is attached through your mind to the one source of all substance and all money. When you think of your money, which is visible, as something directly attached to an invisible source that is giving and withholding according to your thought, you have the key to all riches and the reason for all lack.” “Keep a True Lent” ~Charles Fillmore

Give Up Mixed Attitudes

Our mixed attitudes about money give us mixed results. Remember what John D. Rockefeller, Jr. said – man could use money to feed the hungry, cure the diseased, make desert places bloom and bring beauty into life.  and Solomon said “The rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the destruction of the poor is their poverty.” (Proverbs 10:15)

Just as you should not turn your nose up at money, you should not make  a god of it either. Money is filled with the desire for life, movement, expansion and activity. It does not like to be grasped, clutched, or restrained in idleness. It is the active circulation of money that brings prosperity. Depressions and recessions are caused by the miserly hoarding of money. Our individual prosperity depends on the active circulation of money  just like the national economy does.

Never say “I can’t afford….”. This sows seeds of poverty and limitation. Phrase your financial ‘no’ in a more positive and prosperous manner such as “I choose not to purchase that” or something similar.  Try saying often “I use the positive power of God’s rich substance in wisdom, love and good judgment in all my financial dealings and I am prospered in all my ways.”

Don’t magnify financial troubles. If you brag or excessively talk about your financial issues, you will have them forever. “I have faith that this too shall pass.” Then continue holding to the high financial vision of success toward which you are working.

When you give money to another person or to an organization, do not give it with the thought of need or obligation. Such thoughts only attract more needs and obligations to be financially met. Rather, give to “add to their prosperity”. This applies to all money you give out – to individuals, organizations or the government. Your attitude makes the giver and receiver feel richer.

Pay attention to your thinking concerning the receipt of money or other financial supply. The prosperous way is to graciously receive your good in all forms and make no excuse for your acceptance. It is an offense to both the gift and the giver to say “oh, you shouldn’t have done that”.

“All financial doors are open; all financial channels are free, and endless bounty comes to me now.”


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2 thoughts on “How To Make Money Your Servant

  1. I always remind my children to never say "I can’t afford…"

    "That’s too expensive…"
    "We don’t have the money for that!"

    And all the other self-fulfilling negative affirmations… that I sometimes catch myself saying too! 🙂

    But we’re all improving everyday in every way!

  2. Henry,
    You are such a great dad! I am so happy you are teaching your kids the right way to think!!!!