How To Overcome Limitations

How To Overcome Limitations
Napoleon Hill

Your only limitations, within reason, are those you set up in your own mind, or permit others to set up for you.      

Rid yourself of these imaginary curbs, and you can achieve any heights you desire. You can do anything – if you believe you can. There is no handicap that can stop you, unless you want it to do so.      

Thomas A. Edison became the greatest inventor of all time although he had little formal schooling. He knew what he wanted and believed thoroughly that he could get it.      

He permitted no limitation to enter his mind.      

He learned to overcome his handicap, using his active imagination to conceive new devices and then letting others with technical training perfect the inventions.      

Not too long ago “everyone” knew that Orville and Wilbur Wright were wasting their time trying to make a flying machine. Hadn’t others tried and failed?      

The Wrights, however, refused to recognize any limitations others tried to establish. They went right on  
working – and won.      

There is no greater proof of the statement that “whatever the mind of Man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”      

But, success comes only to those who try.      

It never comes to those who let themselves be hog-tied by limitations they believe insurmountable.

There is no such thing as a limitation which cannot be circumvented, removed or surmounted by some plan or purpose that turns the obstacle into a stepping-stone.      

The place to start is in your own mind – by maintaining a positive mental attitude, by knowing exactly what you want and keeping your mind so busily engaged in achieving it that there is no time left for discouragement.      

The only limitations that can hold you back are those you willingly accept as unbeatable.      

You’ll never know the miracles your mind can perform until you acquire the habit of casting off these imaginary shackles. Only you can do it. Others might encourage and urge and advise, but the final blow for freedom of the mind is yours alone to strike.      

Remember that those things that have never been done before offer the greatest challenge and opportunity. The pioneer who first accomplishes them is the one who reaps the reward.      

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