How to Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you discover what your limiting beliefs are?

You have to find out what your limiting beliefs are in order to move forward and put the law of attraction and the remainder of the universal laws into play.

Write down what you want.

Write down what you don’t want.

Write down what you believe about money (e.g. “you have to work hard to make a lot of money”, “rich people are greedy”, “time is money”) – write down what you were taught – for example – my father repeatedly told me that I’d never be any good with money. That was an extremely limiting belief for me.

Write down what you believe about relationships – so you believe that all your relationships are doomed to fail or that you’re doomed to be alone; or perhaps, you don’t “deserve” to be in a loving mutual relationship.

Write down what you believe about health. Do certain things “run” in your family? Do you figure you’re going to get the flu every year?

When you’ve written down all your beliefs, look them over. If there are positive ones (such as “I don’t have to work hard to make money. Things come easily to me. I’m a quick learner, etc) then these are great beliefs you have and are to be cultivated even more.

However, if you find you have beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals, then these are the ones you want to work on. Circle them on your lists.

Later, rewrite them on a separate piece of paper and you’ll be able to work through them with denials (we’ll cover them tomorrow).

Now you have a beginning to determining AND conquering your limiting beliefs.

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