How to Use The People In Your Life To Change Your Life

Since the Law of Attraction essentially means “like attracts like”, use the people around you to determine your personality qualities. The people in your life that annoy you are the ones you should pay great attention to because these qualities are probably somewhere within you too. Those folks whom you admire are the ones who have characteristics you want to adopt. Use affirmations and denials to clear the old and embed the new.

Make a list of people in your life who irritate you. Write down the qualities they have that bother you. Just keep a running list of these qualities for now. Once you have collected all the people’s names and the characteristics they have that bother you, it’s time to get rid of them. Do NOT make the mistake of trying to decide if you have them or not. It is a high probability that you do and if you try to analyze it, you’ll just talk yourself out of it. “There’s no way I am like that” – I can just hear you now.

For each of these undesirable qualities, create a denial. A denial simply is telling the Universe that there is none of this characteristic in your life. You just fill in the blank “There is NO ____ in my life”. For example “There is no lack in my life”, “There is no limitation in my life”, “There is no disharmony in my life”, “There is no hatred in my life”, etc. Do that for each of the characteristics you don’t like. Read this list of denials every day at least twice a day (morning and night) and if you can do a third time in the day that would be ideal. Read the list over 2-3 times at each session. Ideally you should do this for 7 days.

Now, make a list of the people in your life whom you respect (it can also be people in history that you respect). do the same with this list. Write down the qualities you like and want. Next you take this list and make affirmations out of them. An affirmation must be in the present tense, using positive words and you have to check the combination of your words to make sure you’re not asking for the wrong thing. For example you do not want to say “My life is in harmony” because your subconscious hears inharmony and will bring chaos and discontent to your life. Put another word in between – “my life is in perfect harmony” for instance. Don’t say “my affairs are in order” unless you want to start having affairs.

Make this list of affirmations and do the same as you did with the denials. Read this list 2-3 times every morning and evening and preferably in between. You can also take the affirmations (and even the denials) and put a select group on index cards and take the cards with you and say them at any point throughout the day when you have the opportunity.

Using affirmations and denials will enable you to clear out the qualities you don’t want and embed the qualities you do. It really works. Sometimes you have to continue saying both the affirmations and the denials for longer than you think you should have to but just keep doing it and you’ll see a change in yourself (and your life) within  a month or so.

Although there is an art to making affirmations that don’t get boring, as long as you remember to put everything positively and in the present tense, you can’t go wrong. If you want to learn more about how to create the affirmations check out  Creating Effective Affirmations .


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