How We Let Things Derail Us (Traffic, Lights, Other Drivers, Long Lines, etc)

derailed1Have you ever noticed that you’re in a great mood and then all of a sudden you plummet and the anger, frustration, or impatience just hits and BAM! you’re down in the dumps or at least on some other track?

This can happen so easily. You can spend a rewarding early morning with your spouse and kids or exercising and then head on to work. Even if you’re not running late when you get stopped at one of those traffic lights, you let it get to you. Then, with even “worse luck” you hit another red light or someone is driving slow in “your” lane….and on and on and on. It seems that one thing leads to another until, by the time you get to work, you’re in a foul mood. “Why me?” goes through your mind “What did I do today for this to be happening to me?”

Has this ever happened to you? It has me..and unless I catch myself, it’s one big spiral downward. But, if I catch myself, then things can be turned around so easily. How do I do that?

Once I recognize that I’m starting to percolate, I start to look inside for “Kodak Moments” and think about them. I find (in my mind and memory) people I love and care about, events that have made me laugh, jokes that people have told me, or I just look around and start doing a Rampage of Appreciation about the things that are around me. I see how smart people were that created the buildings in the area, how the roads have been structured and intersected, all the different cars that surround me, etc. In our wonderful country it’s never hard to find something to appreciate. It’s amazing how much we take for granted when it’s so easy to simply express appreciation to the Universe for us being able to live here and enjoy everything we have.  Doing a Rampage of Appreciation is the best way to receive more from the Universe – more good instead of the bad thoughts and feelings that were beginning to take over. When a train derails, first one car goes off the tracks and then the others follow in an uncontrolled manner. That’s what happens to us if we don’t pay attention. The key to all of what happens to us is focusing and changing our thoughts and feelings. We are not like trains. We CAN control what happens to the other “cars”. We can unattach the derailed cars from the rest of the train and keep the rest of it (us) on track (in a good vibration). We do NOT have to simply follow along with the derailed car, falling off the track without any control. That is what people who think that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them say. But, you know what? That first scenario I gave is the Law of Attraction in action. Once you start lowering your vibration and your thoughts turn negative (“darn, why did that light turn red just as I got here?” “Gees, how long is it going to take to turn green?” – notice the frustration mounting), more of the same follows. We are magnets and attract more of what we are focusing on. If we are focusing on dissatisfaction, frustration, anger or impatience, we will attract more situations that generate the same feelings in us.

But if we stop right there and start doing a Rampage of Appreciation or recalling Kodak Moments, guess what? We’ll get more of those.

We are able to control our thoughts – a big advantage over other creatures. Let’s use it and not let things happen to us in a seemingly random manner. Of course, it’s not random at all – it is the Universe bringing us more of what we’re paying attention to.

If you want your day to go great, start it off before you even get out of bed with Segment Intending. Plan each segment of your day. You can do this one segment at a time too. Plan your breakfast and early morning activities such as reading, writing, exercising etc. Then just before you leave for work, do Segment Intending for the trip – see yourself getting smoothly to work with all green lights and no traffic snarls. Once you get to work, before you get out of the car plan the first part of your day – how you want your work flow to go, how you want interactions with others to happen, etc. Keep that up for each individual segment each day.

Then at night, write in your gratitude/appreciation journal. Also use the Book of Positive Aspects to write the good things about people in your life!

Try this focusing for a few days (preferably at least a week) and see what happens in your life. Then let me know and if you’re not having success maybe I can hep you.


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