I Want It & I Want It Yesterday

instant gratification2…. and the Law of Attraction says it’s out there but it hasn’t arrived yet. Therefore, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me!

I hear that over and over again (and as a result I post about it frequently too). Why is it so hard for people to believe that the Law of Attraction always works – all the good and the bad (remember that there really is no good or bad – that it’s all a matter of degree and the contrast shows us what we really want)?

Once you figure out what it is you really want and get specific about the details of that goal/desire (not how it’s going to be delivered), you make a statement that you want xxxxxx. You can now move on with your life and let it go. Your order has been placed and the Universe has created it an is ready to deliver it. But if you continually revisit and wonder if you did the right thing or if you need to do something different for it to arrive. You begin to question the Universe. You forget the Law of Gestation and you continually dig up the soil to see where the rose is. That will only keep the rose from growing and continually questioning or doubting will keep your “order” from being delivered.

Always remember that when you have placed your order (decided what you want), leave it alone. Don’t continually be thinking about it because that then focuses on your lack of it. That’s why I recommend you go to bed at night with the thoughts of how you feel – how you are healthy and how you are prosperous in every aspect of your life. Do NOT think about being healed = lack of health. Don’t focus on your bills being paid = lack of prosperity.

If something isn’t coming to you, then remember the Law of Gestation and let your desire go again. Tell yourself that the gestation period hasn’t completed yet. You can also examine whether or not you’re focusing on lack in any way. Are you thinking about your symptoms and fearing what they might mean? Are you focusing on the bills that are lying around. If you are, then the prosperity will not come to you because your attention is on the absence of what you want.


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