If You Don’t Change Direction…..

change direction4 “If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you’re heading” Lao Tzu

Or, perhaps worse yet, you might not end up anywhere – you’ll just be spinning your wheels forever.

Do you know where you’re heading? Do you know where you want to head? What is your purpose in life (you’ll hear more about purpose in the upcoming weeks)?

Maybe you’re like me and you don’t like change and would rather just sit around doing the same old thing over and over again without any variety – of course, until I DECIDED I wanted to change something. I could couch the fear of change by saying I only step out after I’ve taken the cautious approach. But, it really is just a fear of new things, a fear of change. That probably comes from my childhood – doesn’t everything? So what, though? Just knowing where something came from doesn’t really do any good. I have to examine what it is about change that scares me. What’s happened in the past when things have changed. I already know the answer to a part of that and all the changes that happened night after night in my childhood simply created intense fear every single night. There is probably more but that’s a good place to start.

Now I ask myself “are you the same person you were then, Terrie? Of course not. You’re an adult now and you really do have more ability to react or respond in a positive way to any situation. You are not a child any longer and subject to your parents and their behavior. You can choose the people you wish to be around.” etc.  Talking to myself and journaling about it definitely helps. It lets me know that I don’t have to be afraid of the changes. Will the fear be gone immediately? Of course not. But with time and discovering more circumstances that have occurred in my life, and with use of EFT (emotional freedom technique), the reasons to fear change will diminish and eventually leave.

I have to look at every situation that irks me or gets my pulse going as a disguise for some sort of change. When I get upset or disturbed by things, I have to look and ask myself “what am I resisting?” More importantly I have to decide to follow my intuition and align myself with the inner spirit and peace (from which I came and am one with), take a deep breath and allow whatever it is into my life and embrace it. That may sound funny but identifying the resistance to something and then deciding NOT to resist any longer is the most important part of your actions. Just let things happen. Trust in the Universe to know what it is that should happen. Then stop fighting the Universe and allow it to bring you what you “ordered”.

In order to grow and experience all that life has to offer, you have to figure out what direction you want to go in. Then the most important task is to take that first step. Decide, then do!

Do NOT stay in one place. Decide which direction you want to go in, take the first step and then trust the Universe to help you take the rest!


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