Image in Detail

Image in detail

It may take you awhile to get results – or it may seem as if you’re not getting any results.

If that’s the case, you may not be imaging in detail. Remember how we’ve talked about how you have to be specific in your affirmations and when you make lists of your desires, you must be specific. It’s the same with imaging.

Once you can picture the complete, detailed result, you can essentially dismiss the matter from your mind completely and know that it will soon manifest itself.

It really is worth the time and effort to picture as much of your desires as possible on a daily basis. It will unfold itself as if it were a Michelangelo painting, each detail becoming more and more identifiable the more you picture.

You’ll be surprised that once you have everything pictured in detail,it will take little or no physical action to produce the result. It will most likely be accomplished for you since you’ve already done the greatest work in your mind. There are many scientific studies that prove the power of imaging.

The more you develop your imaging power, the more it seems the whole world rushes toward you – in a positive manner!

You are constantly making mental images anyway whether you think you are or not. The mind thinks through mental pictures.

If you’re having difficulties (whether it be financial or with your health or even your relationships), you will continue to have those difficulties until you change your mental images. You are thinking about, talking about, and picturing lack and your mind is producing what you are imaging.

Change your pictures, talk and think plenty, and you’ll have it.

If we mentally image what belongs to someone else as ours, we are asking for trouble. We never need to image someone else’s good as being taken from them and coming to us. What belongs to others is NOT ours by divine right. If it were, it would have been given to us in the first place. And since it is not ours by divine right, it would do us no good if we got it.

Image what is yours, image it in detail and it will appear just as if you have created it! Try it, you’ll like it.


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