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Here’s a great Emmet Fox post:

Success consists in the overcoming of difficulties. All men and women who have made a success of any kind have done so by overcoming difficulties. Where there are no difficulties to be overcome, anybody can get the thing done, and doing so cannot be called success.

There was a time when laying a telegraph line from New York to Boston presented many complicated changes. Then there was a time when doing that was easy, but laying the Atlantic cable was a great achievement, because of the perplexing areas which had to be overcome. Later on, marine cable laying became a routine business, but radio across the ocean presented problems which for a time seemed insurmountable. Then those difficulties were overcome too.

There are no personal areas that cannot be transformed by quiet, persistent, spiritual treatment, and the appropriate wise activity.

If you have a personal experience that seems to keep you from success, do not accept it as such, but capitalize it and use it as the instrument for your success.

H. G. Wells had to give up a dull underpaid job because of ill health, so he stayed at home and wrote successful books and became a world-known author instead. Edison was stone deaf and decided that this would enable him to concentrate better on his inventions. Beethoven did his work in spite of his deafness.

Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly child and was told he would have to lead a careful retired life. He was a very short-sighted and nervous little boy. Instead of accepting these suggestions, however, he worked hard to develop his body and became, as we know, a strong husky open-air man and big game hunter. Gilbert wrote Pinafore on a sick bed, wracked with severe pain.
The owner of a fashionable dress business in London started with northing but good taste in clothes and a belief in prayer, and is a wealthy and successful woman today.
Whatever you think your disadvantage is, capitalize it. Spiritual treatment and courageous determination can overcome anything.

Emmet Fox

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