Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 10

rule 10Law of Compensation

If you have a chance, you should read this Law as discussed by Ralph Waldo Emerson in his “Essays” [].

This law says that there has to be an energy exchange in every activity between two or more people. Every action of good you receive has to have a payment. If you give it, you have to get a payment back.

Any time people say “Oh, I can never repay you,” you are really saying “That’s not true. You can.” Give them some options. It can be saying “thank you, getting you a card”, “take me to lunch”, or “buy me a Coke”. There has to be an energy exchange. That’s the definition of it.

What kind of “payments” do you use? Of course there’s money, but there are other types of payment as well. There’s gratitude, love, appreciation, wisdom, Joy or anything you can think of that helps give another person a greater sense of togetherness. You are receiving something. You can give something back. Any time you received something that made you grow spiritually, even though you may not see it at the time. I’ve had to say “thank you” a few times for things that I couldn’t feel any good from at all.

Even the negative things, the hard things, have growth in them because they are giving you a lesson in something. There’s ALWAYS good in it.

You have to see what’s going on in your life and see what you’ve created in order to change it into what you want to become.

If compensation is not made, if there’s no gratitude, the relationship will be separated. Joseph Murphy gave a good example – someone complains about work, about the boss, hours that are too long, etc. And doesn’t give anything good back. Maybe they even fudge a little bit on their hours or play games on the internet when they’re supposed to be working. There’s dishonesty there and the relationship will be separated.

You can use this law in conjunction with the Law of Change. Any time you realize that you’re making change, it’s a growth process.

You use this compensation to make sure that you are giving of yourself. Even just going up to a speaker after they talk and say “Thank you. That was wonderful.” Is one of the ways you can make that exchange. We sometimes forget to say thank you.

Don’t miss any opportunities to keep the flow going. You want to keep the cycle of giving and receiving going. Every time you receive something, you give out. You have to have that cycle of energy exchange.


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