Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 13

rule 13Law of Realization

This is one of the laws we use the least but should use the most. There is more than knowledge. It’s a complete realization. It’s the flooding of consciousness, understanding that whatever you’re thinking about or whatever law is involved, it’s more than knowledge. You have to be doing it. You have to understand the principles that are in use. You have to use the principles totally and completely.

In order to understand something you’re talking about or something that’s new to you, sit down and identify your oneness with God. Identify that you’re one with this divine energy. Then say something like “reveal to me so that I can clearly understand the Law of Power (or the Law of Dominion or whichever one you want to learn about at that time).” There’s an asking and receiving in meditation.

When you go into meditation, you should always have a purpose. Your purpose is to understand whatever it is that’s not clear in your mind.

Sit down and say “reveal to me the truth about Power. Reveal to me the understanding of Power. Reveal to me what it is I need to know and feel”, because Realization is both feeling and knowing. It is complete within itself so you can say “Okay, I know what this is. I can feel it. Now I have to learn to put it into words.” This is just an example. You would substitute whatever it is you are asking to understand – or seeking clarification/realization about.

Knowledge is not realization. Understanding is not always realization. Realization is when you can get into words that have been spoken and put them into feeling. Without feeling, you don’t demonstrate. You don’t demonstrate out of knowledge. You have to get into the feeling, which is why you use a lot of visualization.

Consider this – go back over the laws and take one day – say “Reveal to me the Law of Consciousness (for example). Reveal to me what it means to me. Reveal to me how I can realize the wholeness of this spiritual law”. That’s the asking.

Then turn around and begin to receive. After you practice this a few times, it comes almost within minutes. You can do shorter meditations and more of them. If you sit for five or 10 minutes and nothing comes through, get up and continue your activities. Frequently when you stop wanting to hear or realize something, you can get up and go do something else. All of a sudden, the answers pop into your mind – “Oh, that’s what that means!”

Meditation should NOT be simply about blanking your mind. The first step is the identification with the spirit. Have a purpose. What is it that you want to realize in that moment of meditation? A moment could be two or three minutes or two or three hours, whatever it takes. I recommend you do 10-15 minutes at a time, then get up.

Use this at least once a day. Some insight, some idea, will always come to you at the least expected time. If you jot it down and then take five to 10 minutes to meditate and just say “show me”. Between then and the next time you sit down to meditate, you’ll get answers. A good time to do the meditations is just before you go to sleep. Say something like “Reveal to me how I can give my service in the most productive way.” You always want to ask for the most productive way, not the best or happiest. What you want when you’re asking for insights is the most productive way that you can learn it, then give it back out when you start teaching it to someone else. That’s the Law of Realization.


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