Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 14

rule 14The Law of Justice

If you think there are things in your life that have been unjust, before you ever ask for justice to take place in your life, be absolutely ositive that you had no negative input into that situation.

Most things that you feel are unust are ones that you at least played a part in. You either created it or it’s a mirror image of something you are or aren’t doing. To ask for justice means it’s going to get you too.

Before you ask for justice, make sure that you have done whatever it takes in order to give you the freedom. Make sure you’ve given an apology. You don’t always have to apologize to somebody else. Apologize to yourself for having created the situation. Most of the time that works.

Recognition is 95% of the solution for anything you have ever done wrong, any hurts or harm. It’s acknowledging it within yourself. It’s the “oops” when you hurt someone without even knowing any better.

The Law of Justice is when you have not used your thoughts, words or actions to benefit yourself or others. You realize there is negative that will return to us if you call on the Law of Justice. You have to be sure that you had no negative input (which would be rare if you think about it).

You can use an overall apology “I regret anything and everything I have ever done to hurt myself or others”. This also helps prevent you from doing it again.

You use the Law of Justice to make amends – which is one of the 12 steps. You can apologize to them or to yourself because whatever you do to others, you do to yourself. We know that because we’re all one. When we hurt others, we also hurt ourselves. Be determined to have a greater awareness of how you affect others.

Very few people take deliberate action to harm others. When you hurt other people’s feelings, it’s a self-protection type of thing. You get them before they get you.

There are better ways to handle it, which will be brought to your attention once you begin to recognize these things.

The Law of Justice is good to use before the Law of Preparation. That’s when you are getting ready to do something, you start writing your list out and planning what you want to do and how you want to do it. Do your “homework” before you get started.

This is especially important if you’re starting something new. You say “I want to eliminate anything that could delay the thing I’m about to do.” That’s where a lot of times your demonstrations are delayed. It’s because you don’t clear out all the garbage before you start planning what you’re going to do next.

 Law of Approbation

This means you have to confirm, and you’re the only one that can confirm that these laws work. It’s proving the laws to yourself. Proving that you can do it. That goes back to Power and Dominion. You have to prove the law to yourself. There’s nobody else you can prove it to. You’re not going to believe it until you start making these things happen. You have to make things happen in your way, using the techniques that you learn.

The faith that you put into these laws is really important. Emmet Fox said “You make a choice of something you want to change and stay with it until it’s complete.”

When you’re working on these things make sure to add the word “permanent” in your statements – “I want permanent good relationships.” “I want permanent lavish supply”. Otherwise it will be an up and down situation.

As you begin working on something and concentrate on that area, eventually you will get to the law because you have used it you have made it work. Saying something a few times, whether it’s relationships or money or time or talent, is going to work for you very quickly and easily. You use it be proving to yourself that you can make something happen.

That is when the spiritual essence of you takes over and you become one with the qualifying thing that you’re trying to make happen. Then you keep it quiet. Give it a little bit of loving to keep it harmonized. Then you can use it as a story to help others believe.

You use this also with the Law of Mental Acceptance. You ahve to confirm for yourself that this law works.

Several of the laws are used together. This is why it’s so important to learn them and learn which ones relate to each other. It’s like they’re in steps. You can take one step and feed back to another. If you combine two of them, they work much more quickly than just doing one at a time and trying to prove it to yourself.

The preparation and realization of Mental Acceptance in conjunction with confirmation of the Law of Approbation means that you have proven both of the laws to yourself. You have mentally accepted it. You put it through the power that you know you’re in at the time because you are in this action of yourself.

You’re using this to make choices. You’re using the power of the will that God gave you for the things you want in you life.

God is not an errand boy! God is spirit’s substance. We are the hands. People are the hands, the voice, the feet, the ideas of God put into practice. When you are working in a partnership, you know that all of these laws are yours to use for whatever purpose you want to use them. You have already gained integrity, honesty and all these things!


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