Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 15

rule 15Law of Action

This is what so many people neglect. After you set your goals, after you make your decisions, after your claiming, then you bring in the Law of Action.

You use it by deciding what steps to take. How you can make these decisions. How you can make affirmations and visualizations. How you can sometimes make a treasure map. You’re doing something!

Once you have done that homework, then you do whatever is put in front of you. It may be a telephone call. It may be writing a letter. It could be just making a connection with people.

You’ll find out that once you have put it in mind, you have placed it in Divine Mind – then you attract it to you under the Law of Attraction – you’ll attract the people, the situation, the ideas. They all come to you. It’s amazing how you can think of something and then a person helps you with it or gives you the ideas or teaches you how or gives you the inspiration. It just happens.

I knew I was going to come back to San Antonio even after 20 years away. For some reason whenever I talked to my friends about wanting to start a particular charity and people would ask me where it was going to be, I answered “somewhere in Texas”. Mind you, I was in Washington, DC at the time, still in the Navy and not knowing what was next or where it would be but that’s the answer that came out of my mouth. I had wanted to return to San Antonio since I was there 20 years prior.

 The Law of Use

This is simple. It’s like muscles. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

If you’re not using any of these laws, it’s like having to start all over when you go back to it. When you realize that something’s not happening in your life because you neglected some step, you go back and say “Ok, I forgot that one.” Or “I didn’t use it”.

If you have neglected to use one, it’s just like you have to start on that one all over again. You have to sit down and say “Remind me now of what it is that I am supposed to be doing with this. Which one did I goof up on or didn’t use?” In addition, if you’re not careful with the laws, you’ll get things you didn’t want.

You have to put wisdom into something. Before you even begin to ask for it you say “why do I want it?” For example, people say they want a Rolls Royce but don’t even think about where they are going to put it. You can’t put a Rolls out in the front street. If your garage is already full of garbage and things from last year and the year before, you don’t have a place to put it. Would you really want to leave your new (maybe even free) Rolls in the street?

You use wisdom. That’s omniscience.

You use the Law of Use when there’s a delay. Something is missing in your asking. There’s something you neglected to become aware of. There’s something you neglected to plan, or you neglected to eliminate something in your life beforehand. You know if something’s missing because it takes a long time to get it.

One of the biggest things you have to eliminate before you even start with the laws is all the excuses you give yourself for not having something. You do that to yourself.

If you start off with “why can’t I have something and what I have to overcome”, then it’s going to take a very long time to make all these things work in you.

Examine what it is you think you can accept. Are you limiting yourself? Use your gut as a guide. How does it feel when you say you are worth x amount of money? Or worth having great relationships, etc. This is where the Law of Mental Acceptance comes in. How much good can you accept?

Once you’re clear about what you want and have no doubts, no questions, you know that it’s just making your mind up and making a choice. Then you have no limitations. You have no delays. There are blocks in your world because people have told you there are blocks and you believed them. In true spirit, there are no blocks.

When you constantly listen to people who tell you want you can and cannot do, this happens repeatedly. It also comes from your childhood.


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