Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 16

rule 16Law of Obedience

This is listening to the still, small voice within; listening to hunches; listening to teachers and not listening to other people’s opinions.

Remember to look at facts first. When you are looking for something that you want to do, you are asking for something, you have to look at the facts. Someone will say “these are the facts. It’s going to take you X number of hours in school to learn to do this.” Or “You have to have a backer for this thing you want to do.” You agree with all these because they are statements based on facts.

However, facts are based on opinions. They may or may not be true. If you believe them to be true, then you are accepting the authority of somebody else who has opinions of limitation or lack. This is a big thing you have to learn. You don’t listen to anyone else. You know that you and God, you and the divine substance, can do anything. The only limitation is your belief about this thing.

If you believe there is no limitation, that this divine substance flowing in and through you gives you the ideas and the way and the means and the health and wholeness, then you don’t listen to anyone else.

The key is listening to that still, small voice inside that says “Yes, you can! Sure you can!” And not listening to all of the people who say you can’t.

If you’re getting instruction and you disagree with this inner or outer instruction, for example, if you were to go to a lawyer and ask “how should I be doing this?” and he gives you a whole lot of rules and regulations on what you have to do first and second, then you have to make a decision. “Do I want to listen to him? Or do I believe that I don’t have to do all of those things?” When you get that belief that you don’t have to do them, then those rules and regulations are not always there. Other things can come into play.

The good ole standby is “Show me the way!” Whenever you say that, something or someone will show up and give you a message/sign. Do not listen to yourself or to others that say “you can’t”. If you still think you can’t or don’t want to do something, then just put it on the shelf and let it go. Very soon, you’ll get insights on why, when, what and how. Don’t argue. Just say “when I’m supposed to know it, I’ll know it”.

 Law of Transgression

Everything that you have ever done against your fellow man must be wiped out, righted, paid in full or transformed. What you ahve done to others, you have done to yourself. This also comes under the law of justice. You do things that hurt others. Say “I apologize. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

It’s a good idea to watch your tone of voice too. Sometimes you can be harsh when you don’t intent to be. Most of the time, the intent that comes in is a lesson in growth.

You can put delays in by believing in delays. You can put interferences in by not clearing yourself from some of your past experiences. Then when you realize that this apology needs to be done – even if it’s a general one. You do whatever it takes to make things right! You do not have to go directly to the person because sometimes you can’t. You can also write them letters even if they have passed on. They will still get it.

Twice a week spend a few minutes and review “have I done anything this week that would delay my next step in my Divine Plan?” Learn to be alert. Learn how your actions affect another person. If another person reacts to you and your tone of voice, it’s time to bite your tongue and say “oops, I don’t want to get caught like that.”

 Law of Grace

This is the one we’re all reaching for. It’s living in the presence of total, complete, infinite love. It’s giving love; it’s receiving love. You have no negative thoughts, words or actions. You become master of demonstration and manifesting. Things become instantaneous. When there is only love, that’s when we demonstrate all the time.

The Law of Grace supersedes all others. You’ll be a ta place where you just say “I choose…..” And it will happen. There have been very few people who could do this.

You use this law by practicing non-judgment in all things. That’s how you get there. Once you get there, you don’t practice anything. You just know that you’re a loving person.

Be attentive to what you’re giving out. Make sure you’re giving only love, peace and harmony. Declare everything good, whether you believe it or not; whether it appears on the surface to be good or not. Declare it good so that it will become good very quickly.

Know that you are the authority. You are the agent. You are the comptroller and you have access to all that you choose to have.

When you start working with non-judgment you start by saying “gee, there’s another way. I’d like to see what it is.” If you can get away from judgment, not using the words “good” or “bad” but just recognizing that this is an energy and people make it one way or the other and begin to see people as this oneness that we keep talking about, then that oneness becomes everything good.

In reaching the point of non-judgment, you realize that all judgment is based on somebody’s opinions that may or may not be accurate. We’re told how to think. You’re told how to live. This includes everything from government to people to situations, everything. Hair color, skin color, the size of your nose – this is all judgmental and has nothing to do with the inner self.

When you reach the point of the Law of Grace, you will love, appreciate, be kind to others. You’ve given up gossip. You’ve given up problems. You have perfect health and wholeness and life in any and everything you do.

Keep all the laws in balance. AS you’re learning these laws, learning the positive words and giving up the negative ones, you’re giving up what’s wrong with the world and what’s wrong with people. You’re not making those kind of decisions – the ones that aren’t yours to make.

Stop the gossip, stop talking about people. Gossip is sometimes the good as well as the not-so-good. Sometimes you get into other people’s business. It’s not really yours to get into.

Bottom line – have praise and appreciation. Create good in everything you do. Prove that you can do the impossible. Prove that you’re a genius. Prove your ability to tap into the wisdom of the ages. Who do you prove it to? Yourself, the God of your being!

So endeth the discussion of these spiritual laws – go forth and practice them! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)


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